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11: Queuing With Brad Pitt And A New Customer Portal
August 22, 2022

This week the chat is 50% about energy and 50% about queues. Who doesn't like a good queue? Could this be a whole new direction for the pod? Andy seems to think so, whilst Keaton theorises "Does Brad Pitt actually queue?".On the energy fron

10: Carbon Reporting: Can We Trust It?
July 15, 2022

The subject of Carbon Reporting is very much in Andy and Keaton's thoughts. When not appearing on an award-winning podcast*, the guys have been busy working away on an all-singing and dancing Carbon Reporting module for UtilityClick.So in Episode 10

09: Monopoly tournaments and becoming an Energy Hero
April 26, 2022

Incredibly Andy and Keaton are back for the first time in 2022. So much has happened since they were last in front of the mics, especially in the energy industry.Andy's delighted to find that his big brain of energy knowledge has finally meant he&apo

08: Net-Zero, Carbon Neutral and The Spanish Flu
October 14, 2021

Andy and Keaton are back behind the mic speaking with yet another industry expert. This time they sit down (remotely) with Ashley Webber, a newfound expert in taking businesses to Net-Zero.Ashley has many years of experience within the broker side of the

07: From Energy Outsider To Insider
August 26, 2021

We welcome back Rod Westwood to the pod and ask him about his thoughts and tips on how you transition from knowing relatively nothing about the energy industry to becoming one of the leading figures.We also chat Snapchat photo filters and try to play a li

06: Got a great software idea? Then build it!
June 09, 2021

Have you ever had an idea for a piece of software that you felt the energy industry was crying out for, but you've not known how to get it to market?Then this episode of The Energy Waffle Podcast is for you.There aren't many times in life where

05: ENERGY SPECIAL: The Texas Cold Snap For Dummies
May 20, 2021

The ERCOT Crisis 3 Months On. Andy and Keaton take a backseat as this week they're genuinely chuffed to be joined by long-serving US Energy expert, Jeff Nottingham.If, like them, you were unfamiliar with the term "ERCOT" and its connections

04: Lockdown haircuts and saving the world, one waffle at a time
April 28, 2021

This episode, sees Andy and Keaton talk lockdown haircuts, children's books and how we can all save the world by just changing the way we cook our waffles. Viva la Revolution!There's also more US/UK chat where this time we look at the similariti

03: Cookies, trunking and waffle toasting
April 13, 2021

In this episode, they talk the price of cookies, how their podcast fame has transcended into real-life snacks and more US/UK energy differences -such as naming conventions, meters and the enrolment process.If you're keen to miss the waffle part, fast

02: US Regulation & Tariff Structures and why Andy won't be driving for Ferrari
March 31, 2021

In this second episode, we talk more on US/UK energy variances and discover why Andy ruled himself out of replacing Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari. We also read out some welcome feedback from Episode 1 and contemplate if Andy's voice really does make ev