Second Semester Seniors

Second Semester Seniors

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June 22, 2021

Maggie shares some parting thoughts for the Second Semester Seniors Podcast.Follow the podcast on Instagram: @secondsemesterseniorspodcast

Four NJ Seniors Reflect on Their Second Semester
June 17, 2021

In this episode, four New Jersey seniors reflect on their second semester. Topics include:Finishing senior year virtuallyWhether they feel closure regarding high schoolGraduating and looking forward to collegeFollow the podcast on Instagram: @secondsemest

My First Day of Senior Year. . . Sort Of
June 08, 2021

Maggie discusses what it was like going back on June 1, 2021 for her first day of in-person school since March 2020.Mentioned in the episode:The New York Times Education Briefing: Ed

A Stressed Senior's Guide to Self-Care
March 16, 2021

Maggie shares self-care tips & activities she has found helpful for when she needs to pause amidst stressful times.Follow the podcast on Instagram: @secondsemesterseniorspodcast

Tips While Waiting for College Decisions
March 09, 2021

Three NJ seniors share their tips and ideas for things to do while waiting for college decisions. Follow the podcast on Instagram: @secondsemesterseniorspodcastDisclaimer: The opinions expressed by the participants are their own and are not necessarily th

Advising Seniors Amidst the Pandemic
March 02, 2021

An interview with Gina Testa on her experiences being a guidance counselor and helping seniors navigate the college application process during the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow the podcast on Instagram: @secondsemesterseniorspodcastDisclaimer: The opinions ex

Five Seniors Reflect on Their First Semester
February 23, 2021

In this episode, five New Jersey seniors reflect on their fall semester. Topics include:Virtual learning this past semester vs. last springThe blur between schoolwork and relaxingProcrastination & lacking motivationBuilding resilience Just wanting to

Second Semester Seniors Trailer
February 17, 2021

When picturing a high school senior in their second semester, hanging out with friends or relaxing may come to mind. But what is it like being a senior in high school during the COVID-19 pandemic? Through interviews and audio reflections, Maggie Borgen ai