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Create Change

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3: Representation: A Black British History Quilt
March 04, 2021

Epsiode 2 of Create Change is here! Join host Olivia (@hyltonish) who brings us Representation: A Black British History Quilt the second in her podcast series exploring art and activism.  In this episode, we hear from @jahnaviinniss – a recent graduate a

2: EP 1 - These Illustrations Matter
January 21, 2021

In episode 1 of Create Change, Kelvyn Quagraine shares how his banner going viral at a protest last summer led to producing illustrations that matter. Check out These Illustrations Matter Instagram: @theseillustrationsmatter www.theseillustrationsmatter.

1: TRAILER: Create Change
December 31, 2020

An immersive storytelling podcast, sharing the experiences and influences behind creatives pushing for social change through their work.  Creative Team: Hosted and Produced by Olivia Hylton Powered by Transmission Roundhouse