The RISE "Creating Your Voice"

The RISE "Creating Your Voice"

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Who or what are you focusing on for the New Year!!!
January 15, 2023

Who or what are you focusing on for the New...

New Year! New What????
January 08, 2023

New Year! New What????

What’s your foundation in your life?
November 20, 2022

What is your focus now!!!! Music Credits: @tidalwavstudios

Is my Living in Vain ?
November 13, 2022

Self-assessments matters   Media credits: @tidalwavstudios

What are you doing in the present moment?
November 06, 2022

Music credits @tidalwavstudios

Watch what you ask for...
October 16, 2022

Wanting  vs Needing Music credits @tidalwavstudios

The Legacy of Life
October 02, 2022

Diving in deeper Music Credits @tidlawavstudios 

Happy 2nd Anniversary- The Rise Creating Your Voice
September 25, 2022

Happy 2nd year anniversary… Let us know if you want Judah to speak at any event, classroom, and or conference. Email at Let

Why is effective communication so important … with LaRhonda
September 04, 2022

Let's start Communicating effectively!!!

The art of Relaxation
August 14, 2022

Join and get more on the art of relaxation  Music Credits @tidalwavstudios