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The Acres of Diamonds Podcast

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104: Matt Roth, Executive Leader - How to Live a Life of Integrity
July 13, 2023

Last week we were honored to welcome Matt Roth to the Acres of Diamonds Podcast. Matt is an Executive Leader within the medical industry and has a unique introduction to Acres of Diamonds through co-founder Scott Gibbs which Matt explains in this episode.

103: Charlene Day, Lifestyle & Leadership Coach - How to Unleash the Power of Your Mind
July 06, 2023

This past week we were fortunate to have Charlene Day on the Acres of Diamonds podcast! Charlene is a bestselling author and speaker and mindset breakthrough expert that helps people explore the power of their mind to help them overcome mental roadblocks

102: Laura Gavigan, Mindful Matters - How to Live a More Mindful Life
June 28, 2023

Let’s live more mindfully! This past week I was fortunate enough to speak with Laura Gavigan. Laura started Mindful Matters which helps individuals learn to live life with more peace, ease and energy…mindfully. In our conversation Laura helps us underst

101: Matt Burr - How to Create a Thriving Work Culture
June 19, 2023

In this episode we have on Matt Burr who started Burr Consulting. Burr Consulting helps companies with an individualized and strategic approach to all their Human Resources needs. On this episode Matt walks us through the top strategies to fix a strugglin

Words that Shape Worlds
June 16, 2023

There is one thing that we can control that will shape our reality. How do you use language ?

Embracing the Beauty of Life's Unexpected Dance
June 08, 2023

Treat life like a dance, the unexpected movement of the music coincides to the unexpected challenges life will throw at us. Look at them not as obstacles but rather pockets of opportunity.

#27 - Aaron Gibbs
March 17, 2021

Very special guest this week on the Acres of Diamonds Podcast, our first family member. The guys have on Aaron Gibbs and over the past 2 months Aaron and DJ worked together through the AOD program and they discuss what they learned. #youracresofdiamonds

#26 - Sydney Smith
January 26, 2021

A couple weeks ago Scott and DJ had an epiphany in a Hilton coffee shop. They realized that all of their thinking and coaching was one-sided, that side being the male perspective. It may be time to introduce a female into the Acres of Diamonds business. #

Acres of Diamonds Introduction
October 01, 2019

Scott and DJ answer an interesting question...What is Acres of Diamonds? The question was brought to light by Nick Ross a mutual friend of both Scott and DJ. #youracresofdiamonds