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#39 START HERE – Mind Your Own Business! w/ Sue Styles
December 14, 2022

You can’t get there if you don’t start here! A high level, hard hitting, value packed episode with take aways from this last season’s guests and my own 2 cents! I talk about one hit wonders, getting your recipe right and how to bloom so that the bees come

#38 The Struggle is Real! Marketing Expert Matthew Skerry Gets Real with Sue Styles
November 30, 2022

Do you struggle with knowing what makes great marketing? Matthew Skerry has fifteen years of marketing experience in the investment and real estate industries world wide and is one of the few guests I have interviewed who actually has a university degree

#37 Optimism can be the source of bad mistakes! Entrepreneur Chris LaBossiere talks to Sue Styles
October 14, 2022

Tried and Tested Advice: Be more practical, allow more skepticism, design your business strategically, and be more reflective rather than bulldozing ahead - or giving up too soon. Chris’s companies are more than just a sku, they are here to serve LEARNERS

#36 She designed a life she loved! Instagram influencer Juliana Loewen talks to Sue Styles
October 06, 2022

[You will want to watch video version of this one on for all the beautiful pics!] How did this Insta Influencer and travel fashionista with three children learn how to market her channels so that she can share her passion for family and travelling as an i

#35 Clutter is just unmade decisions! Instagram influencer Megan Golightly talks to Sue Styles
October 01, 2022

'Clutter around your home is just unmade decisions', says Megan Golightly, owner of Simplified who has a degree in psychology with an interest in Neuroscience. This ‘Influencer’ and well-known Professional Organizer talks about the keys of organization bu

#34 “Under the Influence” marketing guru shares advice for entrepreneurs! Terry O’Reilly talks to Sue Styles
September 25, 2022

Terry O’Reilly is a Canadian household name and if you are familiar with his own podcast on CBC radio, “Under the Influence” you know his work is loved by millions of fans! On this episode he generously shares exactly how an entrepreneur can create smart

#33 The ‘Wealthy Speaker’ author speaks candidly about marketing! Jane Atkinson talks to Sue Styles
September 18, 2022

The ‘Wealthy Speaker’ author speaks candidly about marketing. If you are not a celebrity (or not one yet) and you want some marketing strategies, this is a MUST listen episode full of rich content and useful exercises! On this episode of the Mind Your Own

#32 Just go for it! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Podcast w/Tara McCool & Sue Styles
November 30, 2021

This feisty advocate is here to encourage and support. Have you ever had a bad boss? A dysfunctional team? A meeting gone bad? Tara MCool is here to fix all that and it starts with having a compassionate head space. After getting her start behind the scen

#31 How One Person Can Make a Difference. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! podcast w/David Oulton & Sue Styles
November 21, 2021

#31 How One Person Can Make a Difference. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! podcast w/David Oulton & Sue Styles Canadian Actor, TV Host, REALTOR® and genuine good guy

#30 How to Talk to More People! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Podcast w/Tony Esteves & Sue Styles
November 05, 2021

A random visit to a beach resulted in meeting a suprising stranger from the past - you will want to hear! Tony Esteves is a workshop facilitator who has been known to use juggling and ping pong to get the lesson across. He is a coach who opens up the wind