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The Mongols Podcast

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Drawing the Mongols with Marta Zaccharini
May 24, 2021

My short interview with Marta Zaccharini, a comic book artist, on her work concerning a comic about a shaman on the steppes in the 13th century. All my links: Marta's FB: I

Mongolia in the Modern Day: An Interview with Bayara
May 10, 2021

An interview with Bayara, a Mongol freelance journalist covering Mongolia's present on his YouTube channel. For the Video version of this podcast, he is wearing a Deel. This is a gown that has been signature for most of Mongol history. You can find m

Winged Hussars in Manchuria?
May 04, 2021

An episode on a Polish State in Manchuria. Jabzy's Video: Works Cited A Report from Erofei P. Khabarov to the Voivode of Iakutsk Dimitri Frantsebov, concerning his expedition on the Amur River. Printed in Basil

Chagataw and Order part 2: I will survive!
March 03, 2021

Part 2 of my coverage of the Chagataids with Madison. This is based on the Tarikh-i-rashidi supplied to me by the Jackmeister: Art is credit to the Artsy Marxist:

The Mongols Podcast Season 2 EP 7: Chagataw and Order Pt. 1
January 25, 2021

A podcast covering the early history of the Chagatai Ulus with my friend Madison. Sources come from JackMeister Brief stuff on Chagatai from Timothy May:

Chagataid intro
January 16, 2021

Intro/ preview for the next episode --- Support this podcast:

Season 2 Ep 6 Nogai Khan: Khan-maker or independent? FT. Jackmeister
January 03, 2021

An interview with Jackmeister (Jack Wilson) about his Master's thesis on Nogai Khan. Please subscribe to his youtube channel: Don't forget to follow him on Facebook:

The Mongols Podcast 1: Where do we begin?
August 24, 2019

Hello Samwise Jay Morgenstern here Facebook Page: Team DRGN Fanfic: Pre-order / Pre