A Soulful Storm

A Soulful Storm

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Keke Palmer's Baby Daddy Drama
July 13, 2023

Topics of the week - British GQ Journalist Lucy Ford, regular guest Brie and I talk about Keke Palmer's boyfriend shut shamming her oN Twitter, EXO's new album, parents' filing a police complaint against Hwasa, and all things Barbie

BLACKPINK in your area: BST Hyde Park
July 06, 2023

Topics of the week - NME journalist Rhian and TashaSampa talk about BLACKPINK headlining BST Hyde Park, HBO's The Idol and Fifty Fifty's contract problems

Descent into Caratland: How I became a Seventeen fan
June 29, 2023

Mini episode - finds out how Brie made sure I became a Seventeen fan

Ashlee Mitchell talks on interviewing BTS, Rosè from Blackpink & Oceangate
June 22, 2023

Topics of the week - TashaSampa & content creator Ashlee Mitchell talk about interviewing K-pop idols (BTS, BLACKPINK, ENHYPEN, etc), Oceangate, Jonathan Majors & Meagan Good, and Pharrell Williams's Louis Vuitton show

BTS' 10th Anniversary and EXO's Chaotic Comeback
June 15, 2023

Topics of the week: BTS' 10 year anniversary, CBX of EXO suing SM and Jeonghan (Seventeen) & Ten (NCT WayV) attend fashion week

KAMP L.A: The K-pop Fyre Fest
October 27, 2022

Topics of the week: KAMP L.A. being the K-pop Fyre Fest & BTS enlisting to the military

BTS Chapter 2: Sun's Out, Chest & Thighs Out
June 30, 2022

Special mini episode: TashaSampa & Brie recap our top 5 BTS moments

BTS: "We Are On a Break!"
June 23, 2022

Topics of the week: BTS said they were going on a break and the world went mad.

Love & Leashes and The Tinder Swindler
February 24, 2022

Season 2, episode 1: Topics of the week: A review of the BDSM film Love & Leashes - A review of the Netflix docu-film The Tinder Swindler

Ep 35| The Bonnet of Salvation feat The Report Card Podcast
April 02, 2021

Topics of the week: Introductions to K-pop - underrated artists - Derrick Jaxn & the bonnet of salvation