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The Spontaneous Queen Show

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Motherless/Fatherless Child Keynote
September 28, 2022

I give you a look inside my life. I will talk about the effects of being parentless and the things I did to to heal myself.

Watch Me While I Shift.
October 10, 2021

When you shift it’s an action, I will go into details on how I shifted.

Motherless/Fatherless Child.
October 09, 2021

Are you or someone you know a motherless / fatherless child. In this episode I will talk about the effects of being a parentless child.

Healing from the closet.
October 05, 2021

Sometimes you have to walk away from things that's not serving you so you can heal. There isn't a time limit on your healing healing takes place everyday. Once you make yourself aware that's when the true healing process can begin.

Fully healed
October 01, 2019

Hey Spontaneous Queens this episode is all about what you will get in the later episodes. I will go over self development, wellness, business. Before I get into details about business we must take of care ourselves, by learning about wellness and self dev