Can't Breathe

Can't Breathe

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Episode 49: Cars from Thailand and Genting
July 01, 2023

What's up with casinos and cars in Thailand and Genting? Tune in and find out more! p/s: Chloe may or may not be the worst friend to be with in an emergency keke

Episode 48: Sleep Paralysis? & ADHD Tangents
May 23, 2023

Today we share a very relatable story that probably alot of us have experienced. Let us know if you believe sleep paralysis could be paranormal or just pure science. We also give a little update about life and go off on tangents, as usual.

Episode 47: Granny Pants and Housekeeper Spirit
April 07, 2023

Happy Good Friday ya'll! Here's a new ep to commemorate the long weekend! Today Chloe's family graciously shared their stories with us (even though they are scared af) so thank you you're welcome. We also learned that grandmas' spirits

Episode 46: Krabi Diving
March 23, 2023

Today we share a crazy story about a diving experience in Krabi which went wrong. We did run out of air while recording because of a stupid guess by Kady that made us burst. Play now to find out what guess she made!

Episode 45: The Rojak Series (4 Short Stories)
February 28, 2023

Today we share a random collage of short stories and my gosh I don't even know how to describe all of it you just have to tune in to find out! PS, the last story though.. wew.

Episode 44: Her Holding An Orange VI & VII (Finale)
February 17, 2023

Today we finally reached the end of the creepy orange saga where the finale just consists of 3 words. Wanna make a guess what they are?  P/S: Recorded this during CNY period but unfortunately did not have the time to edit and publish, this explains

Episode 43: The Hospital Encounter & "Is It This One?"
January 30, 2023

Hello Loyal Listeners and welcome back to another episode of the Can't Breathe Podcast!! Happy Lunar New year to all our Chinese friends and may everyone HUAT AH!! Today, we start off the year with a spooky hospital encounter and the story of whether "is

Episode 42: Her Holding An Orange Part IV & V
December 13, 2022

Today we continue part 4 of Her Holding An Orange saga where it gets a little creepy. It's a ride down memory lane...

Episode 41: The BTMM
December 01, 2022

Today we take a break from the oranges to talk about a mysterious creature that might just exist near you. The 'legendary' BTMM is right here in our heartland, boy, somebody call Nat Geo. 

Episode 40: Her Holding An Orange Part II & III
December 01, 2022

Today we dive deep into the orange saga but slowly back away from oranges in our real lives. Orange might just be the new black here... And also, we are at episode 40! Thank you all for your love and support! Keep 'em coming <3