The Podcast Podcast

The Podcast Podcast

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Knox on Wood
March 15, 2021

An impromptu car ride with Jeremy prompts a discussion on chemistry, carbons, physics, and the future.

Vignettes - Robert and Michael
March 15, 2021

Some tidbits of conversation in the car after a day of cleaning trash by the side of the road.

After the Scioly, A Michael Moment
February 13, 2021

Michael drives me home and we talk about our events, places in the area, and a lengthy discussion of a magic system.

The Michaeling
January 04, 2021

Michael does the intro for this one, but it's generally misleading. We talk about streets, languages, and nerd stuff.

Robert, Michael, and Ethan. Maybe some others I haven't scrubbed through it.
October 21, 2019

The friends take a walk around town.