Starting My Own Story

Starting My Own Story

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Februari 05, 2022
February 08, 2022

When you have a problem, you should sharing it with everyone else. You can't keep it by yourself. Just talk to at least one person who you can trust with then it will help you. And trust me nothing last forever. If you sad, worries, feel so bad about your

Ep. 41 Fangirling
February 23, 2021

Are you a fangirl? If so this episode is for you. Btw who is the person you are over fangirling for? Dm me on instagram @fernitall and we can be friends,,maybe. Tx --- Send in a voice message:

Podcast Perkenalan
August 24, 2019

Dimana ini adalah podcast pertama. Jangan lupa mampir di blog saya alamatnya --- Send in a voice message: