Ex Communicated

Ex Communicated

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Ep. 7 Samhain Talk (This is Halloween) Part Two
October 29, 2022

The Chad, Myndy, The Producer, & The Doctor make several attempts to continue discussing Samhain...also, The Chad thinks he can rename himself Daddy. Never call him that. Never. You've been warned.

Ep. 6 Samhain Talk (This is Halloween)
October 15, 2022

The Chad, Myndy, & The Producer discuss Magic, Samhain, and Halloween because SHUT UP CHAD!

Ep. 5 Travel
October 15, 2022

The Chad & Myndy bullshit while traveling. Welcome to the shitshow!

Ep. 4 Laws are for Poor People: The Doctor Ruins Everything
August 06, 2022

The Chad and Myndy are joined by the Doctor and special guest, Goth Becky for a discussion on sexuality and gender identity.

Ep. 3 Red Light, Wrap It Up
June 11, 2022

The Chad, Myndy, and the Producer wing a completely bullshit episode. You’re welcome.

Ep. 2 Witch! Witch! You’re a Witch!
April 10, 2022

The Chad and Myndy catch up after a long break

Ep. 1 Ass-tronomical (Season 3 Premier)
February 12, 2022

The Chad and Myndy open up season 3 discussing mental health, gender roles, and, apparently, fucking race play.

Ep. 10 Breakups and Football
October 10, 2021

The Chad and Myndy discuss breakups and end early because…football

Ep. 9 Cheese Conspiracies & Mental Health *TRIGGER WARNING*
August 14, 2021

The Chad & Myndy are joined by Wok, Noodles, & The Doctor to discuss cheese conspiracies & mental health issues. *TRIGGER WARNING: child neglect, r@pe*

Ep. 8 The Cher Experience
July 03, 2021

The Chad and Myndy are joined for random conversations with Cher and The Doctor.