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ALADIN, Creating Impact from Bali
December 28, 2021

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Kalimat tersebut tepat untuk mendeskripsikan kisah singkat namun mengena yang diceritakan Aladin. Terhubung dengan Aladin melalui Instagram | Facebook DinBali.TV | YouTube DinBali. Sekaligus episode ini menu

ABRAHAM MAHAN, Education, Growth, and Purpose
December 04, 2021

Failures are inevitable, especially when we talk about ‘first’ experiences. Abraham Mahan (Mahan) is a professional photographer and an undergraduate student, with a virtue he willingly share. It was a good talk with him and you’ll know what I meant. It’s

RAMARSHA SEPTARIZKI, on her Self Healing Journey
October 09, 2021

Today is World Mental Health Day. With the theme of Mental Health in Unequal World, Ramarsha shares her struggles in finding the right help and support system. Also understanding herself. This episode is another great story you must listen!

AN ANONYMOUS SUBMISSION, Closure of Infidelity
July 10, 2021

This episode brings you comprehensive raw story from our anonymous story in her attempt to find closure as the third wheel of a relationship. || Good Talks initiated by @itsagoodtalk on Instagram

ANNISA ZAENAB, Resonating Self Love Everyday
February 21, 2021

On this episode, we will dive deep on how ANNISA ZAENAB able to resonate her attempt to understand her self love journey and what is ‘self love’. Follow our Good Talk initiator on her Instagram: @annisaznf and @belajar.jadi.manusia || Good Talks initiated

JEIHAN SHABIRA, Building Career as Fresh Graduate
February 04, 2021

On this very first session of Good Talks, we have JEIHAN SHABIRA to initiate the talk. We will learn how she handle her first professional career development and her perspective. Follow our Good Talk initiator on her Instagram: @jeihxn || Good Talks initi