Interested in Everything

Interested in Everything

Latest Episodes

Family holiday with Matthew, Amy, Annie and Matilda.
July 11, 2023

Join me as I go on holiday with the Langs. And marvel at the number of times I can get injured at children’s play parks!!

Summer camping with the guys
June 14, 2023

Join Paul Woods as he guests hosts an episode of interested in everything on a campsite in Suffolk

Dry cleaning gig
April 21, 2023

Join me, Matt and Gary as we go to see the band dry cleaning at the roundhouse in Camden.

Coffee advent calendar part two
April 14, 2023

Join me trying some more coffee is from my Christmas advent calendar gift.

Coffee advent calendar part one
April 07, 2023

Join me, trying a load of different coffees throughout January

Journalist badge
February 28, 2023

Listen to me, give a very rambling description of the rebel badge club, and what I am doing in support of my journalist badge!

Night walk
February 19, 2023

Join me, as I rather stupidly decided to go out for a walk at 2:30 in the morning!!

Welch holiday and Phoebe‘s first birthday
February 09, 2023

Join me on my travels to Wales, where I celebrate little Phoebe‘s first birthday, including hot tubs, parties, and frosty landscapes!

Rebel badge club. Reader badge
January 30, 2023

Join me attempting to claim my first badge for the rebel badge club.

Interview with Annie
January 22, 2023

At the sleepover at Gary Ashby’s house me and Annie have a chat.