Tub Talks

Tub Talks

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Chaos, Coffee & Jesus
September 28, 2022

Come join me & Katie at Chaos, Coffee & More! Find us on Anchor at: anchor.fm/chaoscoffeejesus

Fruit platter Fiasco
September 10, 2022

Class parties - joy, joy!

Idols: Lies & Deception
February 17, 2022

Session 4, Days 1 & 2

Idols: When God is Silent
January 30, 2022

We look at what we are tempted to do when God is silent

Idols: Numbing our Pain
January 30, 2022

We look at one of the reasons people look to false idols: to numb the pain of this world

January 09, 2022

Friends: how to pick them and how to be one

No Other Gods Intro
December 29, 2021

April is an introduction to the Bible study no other gods by Kelly Minter. She looks at modern-day idols that we might not see as idols

Shallow with Jill Dasher
June 10, 2021

Jill Dasher discusses her new book, Shallow

Audacious Women of the Bible 2
March 31, 2021

Series 2 from Audacious study (Eve, Hannah, Zelophehad’s 5 daughters)

Audacious Women of the Bible1
March 23, 2021

Today we Look at Abigail, Deborah and Rahab