The Health Hook Up

The Health Hook Up

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World Hepatitis Day
August 07, 2021

Hey everyone! I have been m.i.a. due to a personal matter, but I'm back with a new episode all about hepatitis. In this episode I breakdown the 5 types of hepatitis. Trust me when I tell you I learned so much about hepatitis from the information shared, I

What Is School Social Work
June 14, 2021

In this episode I sit down with Maria Henriquez, who is a school social worker in Newport News, VA for Newport News Public Schools. She gives insight and great advice into what takes to be a school social worker. 

Day in the life of a medical social worker
March 13, 2021

Happy Women's History Month, Social Work Month, and International Women's Day! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Jessica Bloom who works as a medical social worker in Northern Virginia. We not only learn what it means to be a medical social wo

Back Like I Never Left
March 12, 2021

Hey everyone I'm back from a very long hiatus. I am a new mom trying to adjust to my new schedule and way of life, but I am ready for the challenges. In today's episode I fill you all in with new things that have been going such my journey through motherh

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
October 01, 2019

In this episode you will learn about the host Aieshia B. and what this podcast is all about. Please feel free to email questions or topics