20 Minutes with Joelle & Stephen

20 Minutes with Joelle & Stephen

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S4 E5 Coronation Duty
May 14, 2023

Oh hai there. We are back chatting Scandoval, Jury Duty, Sweet Tooth, the King's Coronation, an update about our lives here in England.

S4 Ep 4 Prince Sparey and the Asda App
January 22, 2023

Well, we ramble a lot about certain things we love about living in the UK. We chat about Spare by Prince Harry, The Last of Us HBO show, Bridgerton and a cliff hanger... Which British TV show is Stephen thinking about.. He gives no clues.

S4 EP 3 : Cunk On Bratz
January 08, 2023

We breeze through this ep, talking about Cunk On Britian, The Teacher, The Polygamists Daughter by Anna LeBaron, The Pale Blue Eye and the Oscar acclaimed The Bratz Movie.

S4 E2 : Murder-y Fake Farts
January 02, 2023

We're back! Talking all things murder. We watched a ton of movies over the Christmas break, too many to write. In length we talk about Glass Onion, Casey Anthony's new doc, the crazy documentary Imposter. Joelle shares briefly about the memoirs of Tom Fel

S4 EP1 : A Very British Episode
December 20, 2022

We're back and more British than ever. We've moved to England!!!! And we've watched...Black Panther 2, Wednesday, Harry & Meghan Netflix Doc, The Crown, Avatar 2 and our amazing accents.

S3 Ep 13: More Cults
April 18, 2021

Stephen finally watched The Vow and weighs in, Joelle shares more about what she has learned about NXIVM after reading Scarred by Sarah Edmonson and Still Learning by India Oxenberg, Stephen shares about The Rookie and Joelle talks about the documentary K

S3 Ep 12: Who Would Win?
April 05, 2021

We talk about Honest Thief, Superstore, KUWTK, Godzilla vs Kong, Tina, Line of Duty, Resident Alien, Wellington Paranormal, and then play a round of "Who Would Win in a Fight?" where we name two of our friends and say who we think would win.

S3 Ep 11: Mouth Noises
March 22, 2021

I apologize ahead of time for the intro, I'll never do that again. - Joelle we chat Scarred by Sarah Edmonson, Drag Race UK S2, Resident Alien, Stephen gives an update on Game Stop Stock, Welland Paranormal, Cobra Kai, and how Joelle is not impressed with

S3 Ep 10: Catching Up
March 07, 2021

Lots to talk about this ep! Raya and The Last Dragon, Ted Lasso, Resident Alien, Framing Britney Spears, Cobra Kai, Monster Hunter, Karate Kid 2 & 3. And another show we're too scared to even say in case they come after us...

February 21, 2021

We do quick fire reviews of The Crew, Lost World of Zed and New Amsterdam, Scientology and the Aftermath, The Murder of Laci Peterson, Master of Disguise, Flora and Ulysses. And we play the newlywed game, sort of.