North Country Sunday Revival Podcast Hour

North Country Sunday Revival Podcast Hour

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Cancer New Moon
July 07, 2021

The Cancer New Moon is flowing in and bringing in some needed rest and introspection. In this episode, Max breaks down the current astro, including the spicy Venus + Mars Leo transits, elusive Neptune in retrograde, and of course the emotive Cancer New Mo

Gemini New Moon & Solar Eclipse
June 08, 2021

Y'all ready for eclipse #2? In this episode the overarching theme is Trust. Max gives us the deets on the upcoming Gemini New Moon & Solar Eclipse, plus a deeper look at our current Mercury Retrograde. Mags dishes on the tarot pull and the importance

Sagittarius Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse S.2, Episode #11
May 26, 2021

In episode 11 we break down the astrology and energy of the Flower Blood Super Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Max gets in to the moon vibes, the Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, Jupiter's transit into Pisces and a lot more! Mags hits us up with the tarot

Aries New Moon S.2 Episode #10
April 09, 2021

Episode 10! Max gives us a breakdown of the current astrology -  the sun, moon, mercury and venus are ALL in the spark-plug sign of Aries. Watch what you say and don't start too many fires, y'all! Mags gives some insight with the tarot and oracle car

Pisces New Moon Afterglow - S.2 Episode #9
March 17, 2021

Last week's Pisces New Moon had us swimming in our emotions and existential deliberations. This episode is a recap of those energies and some tips about embracing the upcoming spring equinox. Catch y'all on the flip. 

Aquarius New Moon, S.2, Episode #8
February 10, 2021

You vibin' on this awkward Aquarius house party? Cuz we are, and you'd better believe with 6 planets in this sign that would cringe at it's own definition, we have our minds full of boundary-pushing-ultimate-outsider-eye-rolls. Max offers a run-down of th

Capricorn New Moon S.2 Episode #7
January 12, 2021

Here's the dish on the Cap New Moon and the swirling astro energies surrounding this very tense time of change and upheaval. We love you, bbs - stay gold. 

Episode #1 Pisces Full Moon
September 11, 2019

Pisces Full Moon energy update, oracle pulls, questions from the Sunday Revival Community and so much more bbs! Give our very first episode a hearty listen. We love the sh*t outta you!