On My Last Eggs

On My Last Eggs

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S3 Ep10: Start The Conversation In Your Organisation
July 11, 2023

Rachel talks to the Governments first Menopause Employment Champion Helen Tomlinson, who shares some inspirational anecdotes and gives some sound advice to both employers and employees, on how to make changes and thrive in the workplace - before, during a

S3 Ep9: We're All Different
July 06, 2023

Rachel talks to Aline Boblin, founder of the community support group Menopause Knowledge - about the varying scales of peri-menopause symptoms, why there isn't more research into Endometriosis and the link between Neurodiversity and the menopause.   meno

S3 Ep8: Thriving In Menopause
June 27, 2023

Rachel chats to the CEO of The Menopause Charity about how to thrive in menopause, how small lifestyle changes can help us cope, plus embracing the desire to take on exciting new challenges. Read more about The Menopause Charity and what they do   https:

S3 Ep7: Women Are Good At Talking, That’s Our Superpower
June 20, 2023

Dr Radhika Vohra talks to Rachel about the disparities in menopause, the importance of talking to remove taboo and stigma, plus prioritising your health before turning 50.     To find out more about the Fawcett Study   https://www.fawcettsociety.org.uk  

S3 Ep6: Think Of Yourself As A Massive Pie Chart
June 13, 2023

Comedian and pub landlady Debbie Baisden returns to On My Last Eggs to chat menopause comedy, what it felt like taking the Menopause Party to the Edinburgh Fringe, plus an unexpected epiphany during an appearance on Naked Education.    To find out more ab

S3 Ep5: How does talking about hot sweats help with hot sweats?
June 06, 2023

Rachel talks to Becky Cotton about how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) might be able to relieve some menopause symptoms and how this ongoing research is helping the development of a new clinical menopause app. For more information on CBT  https://www

S3 Ep4: I Just Want To Feel Normal
May 30, 2023

Emma Conway aka brummy mummy of 2 is a blogger, author and youtuber who has found herself thick in throws of perimenopause when she least expected it. Still adjusting to HRT, Emma talks to Rachel about closing the 'having babies' chapter of her life and h

S3 Ep3: Write A Letter To Your MP
May 23, 2023

Carolyn Harris MP talks to Rachel about what she thinks the government should be doing to support women through the menopause, why the menopause is still considered a posh topic and why this posh topic is here to stay, for everybody.    Carolyn Harris MP

S3 Ep2: When We Raise Our Voices Together, That's When Change Happens
May 16, 2023

Diane Danzebrink returns to On My Last Eggs and talks to Rachel about the rise  of menopause awareness, teaching menopause in schools and the commercialisation of menopause services. To find out more about the Make Menopause Matter campaign go to https:/

S3 Ep1: What do we want? Testosterone! When do we want it? Now!
May 09, 2023

When it comes to menopause Kate Muir has researched every crevice. She talks to Rachel about her own menopause car crash, why testosterone should be prescribed to more women, plus her experience producing THAT documentary ...Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and