Untold: Behind the Scenes in the UK Food & Drink Industry

Untold: Behind the Scenes in the UK Food & Drink Industry

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S4 Ep7: Dr.Jason Gibb - Co-founder of Bread and Jam. Special episode all about Bread and Jam food and drink founders festival!
July 05, 2023

A must attend event for food and drink founders whatever stage of the journey! Use code Untold30 for 30% off tickets.  Bread and Jam is a feast of information. An electric buzz, a room filled with belief and opportunity! Some of the greatest heads in the

S4 Ep6: Co-Founder of White Rabbit - Facing up to the big brands and to the reality of being a founder of a rapidly scaling business
June 27, 2023

Join me in a captivating conversation with Nick, where he shares the remarkable tale of his entrepreneurial journey with Teo, co-founder. It all started when they met at the White Rabbit Pub in Oxford. Nick worked as a barman, and Teo's exceptional pizza-

S4 Ep5: Segun Akinwoleola - Founder The Gym Kitchen - Discrimination and determination, confronting inequality in the world of FMCG
June 20, 2023

Discrimination and determination, confronting inequality in the world of FMCG  Listen to an eye-opening episode of *Untold podcast with the remarkable Segun Akinwoleola, founder of The Gym Kitchen. Segun's story shed light on the discrimination he's face

S4 Ep4: Jeremy May co-founder of Nice Wine - Feedback is our new 'love language' and why 'being busy' isn't a badge of honour
June 13, 2023

Join us as we delve into the world of wine and entrepreneurship with the incredible Jeremy May, co-founder of Nice Wine. Jeremy shares his invaluable insights on how to overcome obstacles, including the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pan

S4 Ep3: David Wood - Founder of The Liana Collection. Linking business success with emotional connection, grief and loss
June 06, 2023

This episode of Untold was an extraordinary challenge, as I had the opportunity to interview an exceptional founder who also happens to be a dear friend of mine. David's candidness during our conversation was truly remarkable, as he openly shared how the

S4 Ep2: VFC - Co-Founder Adam Lyons - From Electrician to Culinary Entrepreneur
May 30, 2023

Leaving his secure job as an electrician, Adam Lyons pursued his passion for food, setting up a restaurant in York that specialised in mouth-watering vegan fried chicken. His plans were derailed by the pandemic, forcing the closure of his restaurant and p

S4 Ep1: ManiLife - Founder Stuart MacDonald - How drive and passion turned to overwhelming compulsion
May 23, 2023

Stu, the founder of ManiLife, escaped his accountancy job and moved to Argentina where he discovered his love for peanut butter. He took a leap of faith and started his own peanut butter business, ManiLife, which still uses peanuts sourced from the same e

S3 Ep16: Wholegood wholesale, bootstrapped from Zero to 32 Million with Carl Saxton-Pizzie
February 14, 2023

Carl started Wholegood wholesale from an old disused bakery bootstrapped to 32 million. Carl opens up about his journey, why he stepped down from the CEO role, how the business doubled during covid and how he continues to find it difficult to switch off! 

S3 Ep15: The reality to closing your business with Meenesh Mistry - Founder of Wholey Moly.
February 07, 2023

Meenesh took an idea from a food trolley to being stocked in major retail distribution in the UK. We discuss the Multiple challenges that hit at once, how you actually close a business, dealing with a crippling health diagnosis and the magic of meditation

S3 Ep14: Faraz Aghaei - Co-founder, The Clerkenwell Brothers, (now known as Founders Makers.)
January 31, 2023

You have briefed your agency for a brand new pack design, had the over excited meeting speaking through it with them and then you wait.... Ever wondered what happens next, inside the room with the creatives! Faraz gets straight to it explaining the proces