Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan

Strange and Unexplained with Daisy Eagan

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S3 Ep12: NostraDOH!mus: The Simpsons Predict the Future!
July 13, 2023

Does life imitate art? Does Bart imitate life? Does Homer know more than he’s letting on?? Despite being a work of fiction and, yes, a cartoon, in 34 years on the air The Simpsons seem to have predicted the future a truly astounding number of times. We’ve

S3 Ep11: Johnny Gosch, Original Milk Carton Kid
June 29, 2023

Is any place safe? When a child guarded by life in a wholesome, All-American community disappears, is that proof that evil is lurking around every idyllic corner? In the fall of 1982, 12-year-old Johnny Gosch disappeared while delivering newspapers in the

S3 Ep10: Marsha P. Johnson: Hard Work Being Beautiful
June 22, 2023

What would you sacrifice to live freely? Would you fight every day, out loud, to defend your way of life? For Marsha P. Johnson, living on her own terms was a non-negotiable part of her existence. Her outspoken activism and advocacy led her to be one of t

S3 Ep9: How sad, How lovely: The Disappearance of Connie Converse
June 15, 2023

What would you do if you knew your were ahead of your time, if only by a brief moment? In the late-1950s, Connie Converse was young musician at the forefront of New York City’s burgeoning folk scene. Her groundbreaking songs poised her for greatness, but

S3 Ep8: Get Down with the Sickness, It’s Societal Mania!
June 08, 2023

Throughout history, flashes of group mania have taken hold of entire societies without warning. From dancing 'til you're dead, to laughing yourself into a stupor for days on end, the people struck down by these so-called plagues certainly weren’t having a

S3: From Crimes of the Centuries: Chasing a Ghost
June 01, 2023

Hey, Strange & Unexplained listeners!  We’re off this week for the Memorial Day holiday, but didn’t want to leave you with an empty feed, so we’re featuring an episode from another Obsessed Network show, “Crimes of the Centuries” Crime is so commonp

S3 Ep7: The Allagash Four Abductions
May 25, 2023

In the summer of 1976, a group of college students experienced something otherworldly while on a camping trip in the wilderness of Maine. The mystery surrounding the phenomenon would entangle the men for the next forty years, leading them down a road of e

S3 Ep6: Murder on the Appalachian Trail
May 18, 2023

Communing with nature sounds nice, sure, but wilderness can hide darkness in it’s miles of untamed trails. No matter how experienced a hiker you are, bad things have a tendency to be lurking out in the woods. Spanning over 2,000 miles from Georgia to Main

S3 Ep5: Spring-Heeled Jack’s Spree of Terror
May 11, 2023

Before the days of Jack the Ripper, there was another Jack terrorizing the streets of Victorian London. Spring-Heeled Jack, the fashionable shape-shifting Victorian Era boogeyman terrorized citizens from all walks of life for upwards of 50 years without e

S3 Ep4: Case Update: The Lady of Dunes
May 04, 2023

In 1974, The Lady of the Dunes was discovered dead on the beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Who was she? How did she end up on the beach? And what monster was behind her gruesome murder? For nearly 50 years these answers have remained a mystery… until