Relationship Reboot

Relationship Reboot

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The last Episode Thank You
May 30, 2021

The Last and Final Episode, For me at least. Thank You

Episode 13 Guest Jennifer Cassara of GoodRobe
May 02, 2021

Special Guest Jennifer Cassara, Founder of GoodRobe a new apparel company talks about overcoming fear of building a business, her inspiration and more, plus, How do men feel about strong independent w

Episode 12 Motivation, Do men like being told they are Sexy? Will the married man i am dating ever get a divorce?
April 25, 2021

Motivation, Discipline, Processes to reach your personal goals. Do men care if you tell them they are sexy? Will the married man i am dating ever leave his wife? How long should you wait?

Episode 11 Spring Summer Reboot
April 18, 2021

Here comes the nice weather and some ideas to Reboot the fun together. Study: Effects of the Lack of Human Touch and its effects on humans during Covid. UPDATE: Who is cheating more? and why? and how

Episode 10 Divorce, Know your Sex number
April 11, 2021

The Ever changing landscape of divorce and what factors lead to divorce in 2020-2021 Know your sex number (psychology today article)

Season 2 Episode 9 Husbands anticipation, What guys need, Appreciation, Put that phone down, Live in the moment
January 24, 2021

One mans anticipation of a morning text message from his wife. What some guys need in a relationship, Appreciation and how it can go a long way. Put that damn cell phone down and start living in the m

season 2 episode 8 Fat is healthy? Smoking, Vaping and its effects, Working out.
January 17, 2021

Cosmo Mag Feb 2021 published a story claiming "Being Fat is Healthy". How Vaping, Smoking and drinking will effect your erection, Working out, feeling great and looking sexy, Reprogramming your mind w

Season 2 Episode 7 Video games, before you marry, and Anyone can cheat.
January 10, 2021

2021 the focus has turned to trying to help veteran couples to helping younger couples. Video games vs your relationship. Before you get marries and ANYONE CAN BE A CHEATER.

Episode One
November 21, 2020

Introduction, Rebooting Fun, Nude Beach, Lets break down the barriers that are holding us back and find success in every aspect of our lives! Time to be happy again. Live Life Sexy