Opinions With Jack

Opinions With Jack

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S2 Ep9: Flooded Minecraft Worlds & Sleeping With The Teachers Daughter
May 19, 2023

so today we talk about a few things including a 30 year old who pisses the bed minecraft worlds being flooded and a guy who slept with his teachers daughter without realizing.

S2 Ep8: americans need to cop on
May 06, 2023

this week i posted a bonus episode because of americans calling irish and british takeaway food racist which i think is so stupid

S2 Ep7: nepotism
May 05, 2023

Today We Talk About Something That Pisses Me Off Nepotism And Why It Pisses Me Off.

S2 Ep6: comfort blankets why we have them?
April 14, 2023

Today we talk about a scary experience i had with a spider 2 minutes before recording then we talk about comfort blankets me finding comfort in emma chamberlain and her podcast

S2 Ep5: Conspiracy Theories, do i believe them?
April 07, 2023

Today I'm Talking About Conspiracy Theories That I Believe In Such As The Pyramids, Aliens, MH370 And The Illuminati. Also Could Jim Carey Be A Serial Killer.

S2 Ep4: Changing Things…
March 30, 2023

i’ll upload an episode tomorrow!

S2 Ep3: So Many Toxic Ex's
March 10, 2023

Today We Talk Toxic Ex's And That's Really It. Here's The Link To The Dress: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T9M5S7G/ref=twister_B07FR31MHV?th=1&psc=1 Socials: Twitter: https://twitter.com/jacksloserfruit TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jellyf

S2 Ep2: More Shit
November 04, 2022

Today Me And The New Cohost Ritchie Talk About You Know It More Shit, Our Most Embarrasing Poo Stories And Other Peoples, theres also a piss and humilation kink in there too.

S2 Ep1: StingRing & Alot Of ShitTalk
October 29, 2022

Today This Isnt Our Normal Upload Schedule But This Episode Is Too Funny Not To Post I'm With My Sisters Boyfriend Ritchie And We Talk About Our Poo, Other Peoples Poo And An Evil Stepmother.

We Are Back
October 29, 2022

So Were Back For Season 2 And I'm So Excited To Be Back And I Know Sam Is Too, We Will Be Back To Posting Fridays At 8AM. So Tune In Next Friday. For Both Me And Sam