Meet the Street

Meet the Street

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9: Meet the Street. Update
June 10, 2021

Important news regarding the upload for the next episode. There has been a mishap and sadly the latest episode is delayed.

8: Taxi Driver. A chat with Carl Alonsi
May 17, 2021

Host David Plympton takes a journey along the highway we call life with taxi driver and chauffeur to the stars Carl Alonsi. With the tragic loss of his family at 16 years old, Carl was left to fend for himself and a decision to invest in an Austin Allegr

7: Guided Meditation. A solo journey into mindfulness.
May 03, 2021

Host David Plympton explores the human mind in this unique solo episode.

6: Speed Eater. A Chat with Jon Dicks
April 19, 2021

Host David Plympton takes a journey into the life and times of Professional speed eater Jon Dicks. Featuring comedian and podcaster Anthony Richardson. aka comedian and presenter Anthony Richardson.

5: Literary Giant. A chat with CJ Wivell
April 05, 2021

Host David Plympton spends an afternoon chatting with best selling children's author CJ Wivell. Discussing influences, early life and a rare medical condition. Featuring Comedian and Podcaster Alex Lowe

4: Sporting Hero. A chat with Don Perrett
March 22, 2021

This time David takes us the behind the scenes of one of the most loved yet highly controversial sports to be born of this fair country, British Bulldogs. In this episode David speaks openly with guest Don Perrett about the past, present and future of a t

3: Computer Entrepreneur. A chat with David Robards
March 08, 2021

Host David Plympton takes a journey along the highways and byways of computer entrepreneurship with tech expert David Robards. Featuring comedian and writer Dan Mitchell

2: Record Breaker. A chat with Adrian Nutley.
February 22, 2021

Host David Plympton takes a deep dive into the world of celebrity with Adrian Nutley, title holder of the longest middle finger in the Great Britain. Featuring comedian/writer Eleri Morgan with comedian/podcaster and one half of The Exploding Heads comed

1: Neighbourhood Watch. A chat with Richard Fanley.
February 08, 2021

Host David Plympton welcomes listeners to his Podcast and interviews head of the local Neighbourhood Watch group, Richard Fanley. Featuring comedian, and winner of So You Think You're Funny, 2007. Richard Sandling

Meet the Street. Trailer.
January 18, 2021

Welcome to the world of David Plimpton, the next door neighbour you never knew you had, as we Meet the Street.