The S.O.B. show

The S.O.B. show

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Draft Kingz
June 24, 2023

Draft season!,

West Coast vs East Coast
June 04, 2023

The fellas discuss Game 1 of the NBA Finals and where would you play in the NBA.

Finals Pre Game
June 02, 2023

Before Game 1 of NBA finals, football injuries, and more

Tonight is the night
May 29, 2023

Game 7 Celtics vs Heat

May 26, 2023

Pre heat game 5

Michigan Panthers
May 21, 2023

NBA Playoffs, Agent or No Agent, and the Panthers.

WCF Game 2
May 19, 2023

Playoffs and NBA draft

Dynamic Duo
May 13, 2023

Shard and TJ get their spar on with sports favorites

What’s your worth?
April 16, 2023

The fellas discuss the opening round of golf season, portable wall tv, and septic tanks.

Trump Chronicle
April 02, 2023

The fellas discuss #45 Indictments, Florida and Happy hour.