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Season Finale, Finale
March 17, 2022

S03E12 This is the end my only friend the end… Top episodes for the audience What The Fuck Mona Loco Bitch Vaffanculo Pagafantas Cazzo Cagacazzi Culo Scheisse THANKS specially to the 22,72% of apple podcast listeners that keep me from th

March 17, 2022

S03E11 Moccoloso Moccioso moccióso agg. e s. m. [der. di moccio]. – 1. agg. Pieno di moccio: naso m.; anche, sporco di moccio: ragazzo m.; fazzoletto moccioso. 2. s. m. (f. -a) Bambino che ha an

March 17, 2022

S03E10 Imbranato What I’m is what I’m You're what you are or what? I’m a bad right-handed that is what I am english: klutz, bumbling, clumsy german: Tölpel, blöde kuh portuguese: cromo, desajeitado spanish: torpe, pa

February 09, 2022

S03E9 Trombare Here I propose also culture not only dirty talk, share the word! Once apone a time in toscany men decant wine from a demijohn to bottles to do this were used a tromba or trombino (toscani accent use to do the tr like english th don’

January 25, 2022

S03E07 Cacasotto From Threedogs enciyclopedia cacasótto s. m. e f. [dalla locuz. cacarsi sotto (dalla paura)], invar., spreg., pop. – Persona paurosa, vigliacca. shit under the fear, scary person, coward english: chickenshit german: Feigling,

Due volte Testa di Cazzo
January 10, 2022

S03E06 Due volte Testa di Cazzo I just remembered this great thing that used to told me my mother more than once…you’re not an asshole you’re twice time asshole, I’ll always be grateful to my mother for teaching me this. portugue

Testa di Cazzo
December 28, 2021

S03E05 Testa di Cazzo this is it for this shitty year but don’t worry 2022 will be the same shit for all of us teste di cazzo! English: asshole, dickhead, shithead. German: Arschloch, Scheisskerl, Schwanzlutscher. to be conitnue… Em portu

Alla cazzo di cane
December 17, 2021

S03E04 Alla cazzo di cane Alla cazzo di cane an action performed without care , badly, in an approximate way, randomly, with inexperience, clumsily, in an inconclusive way, without criteria. a reference to the dog's cock, dangling and always in plain s

Alla Carlona
December 07, 2021

S03E03 Alla carlona When you’re saying "doing things at carlona’s way”, we indicate that we’re dealing with things made in a superficial way, without care, in a slovenly and coarse way. Although, as we can see, this sometimes can

Welcome to the new season of Mr. Awful Letters Podcast⁣
September 19, 2021

S03E00 Welcome to the new season of Mr. Awful Letters Podcast⁣ ⁣ 2nd season had 1166 downloads!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!⁣ Very proud of all of you little bastards that want to know how to insult someone else in so many lenaguages and count