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The Workplace Leader

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76: Christian Schmeichel on the future of work
May 03, 2023

Raphaël is joined by Christian Schmeichel, Chief Future of Work Officer at SAP, for a holistic conversation on Employee Experience and people strategies at a leading, large-scale organization. 

75: Harry Morphakis on workplace, workspace and workforce
March 08, 2023

Raphaël is joined by Harry Morphakis of Accenture to discuss workplace, workspace, and workforce alignment in the enterprise (05:20), a realistic view of how technology will support a better office experience (09:30), and how employees can be willing to a

74: Philip Ross on the reinvention of the modern office
February 15, 2023

Raphael is joined by Philip Ross to discuss his book "Unworking, the reinvention of the modern office". We talk about data and technology as the main disruptors of how the office experience is determined (07:00) and the challenge of integrating real estat

73: Dan Strode on the "Culture Advantage" in the office
February 01, 2023

Dan and I discussed how Culture is a fundamental element  for companies to innovate, to change, and generally thrive.  We discussed how the office and personal interactions factor in building organizational culture (00:08:01).  We talked about living cult

72: Marcus Jarl on organizations, workforces, cultures and the office
January 18, 2023

Raphaël is joined by Marcus Jarl to discuss organizations, their workforce, their culture and the office;  Alignment in the organization between a corporation's purpose, its business objectives, its leadership, workforce and culture (00:07:10); How new le

71: Kristi Woolsey on the role of the metaverse in workplace experience
July 29, 2022

Kristi Woolsey is an Associate Director at Boston Consulting Group. She explains why the metaverse is a great tool in solving for the future of work, enabling collaboration across distance as well as more equity in the workplace. 

70: Wendy Heller on what makes workspaces useful
July 22, 2022

Wendy Heller is a Real Estate Transformation Leader at Deloitte Consulting. She shares her thoughts on how to create meaningful and effective workspace. We also discussed how and when to measure that. 

69: Special on the end user view
July 15, 2022

Sabine got the chance to talk to several workplace users from the LEGO Group during her time on campus and can thus share some first hand insights into actual workplace experience. 

68: Adrienne Rowe on extending the definition of workspaces
July 08, 2022

Adrienne Rowe is is the Head of Workplace Strategy at Raytheon Technologies. She underlines that organizations need to recognize the strong pull of flexibility in work models and notes how that should  be mirrored in workplace strategy.

67: Kitty de Groot on the design elements for innovative work settings
July 01, 2022

Kitty de Groot is a Product & Interior Designer and design lecturer. She explains what stimulates innovation and creativity in spatial design and why she believes the physical workspace is still elemental to company culture and productivity.