Wait, What Just Happened?!

Wait, What Just Happened?!

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Ides of March, Rooster Kills Owner, Cocaine Corn Flakes, and Tik Tok
March 08, 2021

It’s time for your bimonthly episode of our podcast! This week we are joined by Katie from Grown Up Kids, and Swish and Flick!  It’s MARCH… again! BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH! Historically, the month does not have a good track record. We run through some ev

Texas Winter Storm, Gorilla Glue lady, When Scissors Attack
February 22, 2021

Welcome back to another episode! We’re glad you’re tuning in for the third installment of our podcast!  Introducing the newest addition to our show, Megan! We host a mini-AMA sesh with Megan so you can get to know her. There are things we didn’t even kno

Tonsil Worms From Sushi, Hangovers Ruled Illness, Thief Lectures Parent
February 08, 2021

Happy February everyone! We’re finally out of January let’s celebrate by working 6 days a week! Terrance has an embarrassing update about the whole monkey tail beard business. Spoiler alert: he kept it on for more than one day (yes even at work). An upda

Captain America Rumor Mill, Monkey Tail Beards, Big Tech Responsibility
January 25, 2021

“Wait, What Just Happened?!: Episode 1 — “Baking With Grandpa” is ready for your ears! If you need a break from the world, look no further. Crazy stories, crazy good fun! Our accomplishments for the week cover a wide range of little things. How do our ac

Pilot - Weird News Podcast, Vice President Harris, Glass Ceiling
January 12, 2021

The pilot episode to our all new show is here! Take a listen and SUBSCRIBE so you get the latest episodes as they're released. Be on the lookout for Episode 1 coming very soon!