Off The Hook Podcast

Off The Hook Podcast

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108. The Jam Packed Episode
June 30, 2023

Bree and Chris join you today to talk about Chris's busy month and what a time he had at the Taylor Swift concert. Then they talk about Vanderpump Rules and what's going on. Then they dive into more R

107. And We're Back!
June 26, 2023

Bree & Shon are back after a very LONG break to talk about what has been happenining in thier lives. Bree & Shon talk about the new season of Bad Boys Club and who's on the show. Then they tal

106. AU Survivor HVV Liz Parnov Interview
May 05, 2023

Ben, Janelle and Nikki join you today with speical guest Liz Parnov from Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains. It was a fun interview. Hope everyone has a great week. Don't forget to drink your wate

105. NBA Playoffs Semifinals
May 05, 2023

Ben and Rob talk about the Semifinals matchups in the NBA Playoffs.

104. How to Fix Survivor
May 01, 2023

Ben, Chris & Tyrone are back to talk about how to fix everyone's favorite Reality TV show Survivor. We go in depth about what needs to be fixed to save this show because we feel like it's in a ter

103. Challenge USA 2 Cast Breakdown
April 21, 2023

Bree, Ben, Chris & Shon join you today to breakdown the cast for The Challenge USA 2. At the time of this reocrding we sent our thoughts and prayers to Ralph Yarl who was shot for not reason. Afte

102. NBA Playoffs
April 20, 2023

Ben is joined by Rob from The Challenge Chronicles to talk about the first round matchups in the NBA Playoffs. Give Rob a follow on twitter @RobMcI16

101. Survivor AU: Heroes vs Villains Season Recap
April 17, 2023

On today's episode, Ben is joined by Nikki, Janelle & Jason to recap Australian Survivor Hereoes vs Villians. Was this the best season ever? Did Liz desrve her win? Who do we want to return from t

100. Episode 100
April 12, 2023

Bree, Ben, Chris & Tyrone join you today for Episode 100!!!! In this episode we talk about everyone's week, Tyrone talks about meeting Jack Black and some other people. Chris talks about the Taylo

99. Yes "Challenge Champ" Duffy Interview
March 29, 2023

Ben sits down with Yes Duffy from Semster at Sea, All Stars & Challenge World Championship.