Let's Find Out!

Let's Find Out!

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Let's Find Out About Nepotism!
February 03, 2023

We're back with a vengeance in 2023! Make sure to listen all the way to the end to hear teasers about news about projects Sophie & Logan wrapped in the New Year, and to hear some shoutouts from Sophie's fundraiser.  This week, Sophie and Log

Let's Find Out about the Horrors of the Service Industry
October 12, 2022

This episode covers a lot of ground, so get your tickets to the freak show now you little freaks!  Ethel Cain, Rosalía, and the tragedy of when friends used to "hack" our Facebook accounts may make an appearance.  Follow our podstagram and TikTo

Let's Find Out about Sophie and Logan's Nightmare Hangovers
May 17, 2022

Need we say more?  ...maybe!  So this episode is not COMPLETELY about hangovers, but it's an exciting chunk of it.  The rest of the time we talk about equally as exciting things like Logan's ugly cat, how unbearable Sophie has gotten post-LA tri

Let's Find Out about Olivia Macklin!
April 06, 2022

This week, Sophie and Logan are finding out about the very funny lady, Olivia Macklin (she/her)!  Star of Netflix's Pretty Smart and Fox's Filthy Rich, Olivia joins the pod to dish on working with Kim Cattrall, the mortal dread of traveling via

Let's Find Out about How Much We Can Talk About Before Sophie Has Therapy
March 03, 2022

Tick tock!  Sophie has therapy in 37 minutes, so naturally she and Logan HAD to record an episode right before it.  It's their first episode of 2022 and in it they discuss the Oscar nominated film Drive My Car (and their experience watching it togeth

Let's Find Out about the Best & Worst of 2021!
December 30, 2021

Welcome to the last episode in this godforsaken year of 2021!  To celebrate, Sophie and Logan go through their faves & flops of the year, which mostly includes entertainment they consumed that didn't even necessarily come out this year (hint: Sop

Let's Find Out about Sam Collins!
December 02, 2021

Sophie and Logan are joined by YouTuber/podcaster sensation, Sam Collins (he/him), where they have the immense joy of gossiping about YouTube drama, discussing Sam's book and video game recs, and Sophie's newfound fear of taking off her jacket a

Let's Find Out about Spooky Stuff!
October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween!  In this special spooky episode, Logan and Sophie share scary stories, ghost encounters, and the true spookiness of it all: Party City on Halloweekend in NYC.  Be sure to comment on our Instagram the scary stories you were told as a kid,

Let's Find Out about Camila Canó-Flaviá!
October 16, 2021

Actress Camila Canó-Flaviá (she/her) stops in to talk about what it's like to live through every actor's worst nightmare, the timeless epic of Strega Nona, and the therapeutic nature of seeing a movie on your own. Logan nearly starts a fight at

Let's Find Out about Gov Ball (amongst other shenanigans)!
October 02, 2021

Sophie and Logan make their highly anticipated return from hiatus in an episode that kicks off their second season.  Are you ready?  Let's find out.