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The Political Reports

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Episode 8: Congresswoman Cheney, CDC New Guidance, Vaccinations
May 14, 2021

Today we will be discussing Congresswoman Liz Cheney's removal from Congressional leadership, the new CDC mask guidance, and other news from the beltway and beyond! Thank you for listening!  --- Support this podcast:

Episode 7: DC Statehood, Biden's First 100 Days, Joint Session of Congress
April 26, 2021

In this episode, we will be discussing DC Statehood, President Biden's First 100 Days, and what is next for the Biden Administration.  Thank you for listening!  --- Support this podcast:

Episode 6: Biden's News Conference, VP Harris Border lead, Immigration News
March 31, 2021

Today we will be analyzing President Biden's first news conference, as well as analyzing the border crisis.  --- Support this podcast:

Episode 5: Governor Newsom Recall, Biden Stimulus Promotion, Senate Fillibuster
March 22, 2021

In this episode, we will be talking about Governor Newsom and the recall effort surrounding him, along with the nationwide promotion of the Stimulus package, as well as the Senate Fillibuster Debate.  PLEASE consider hitting my listener support butt

Episode 4: COVID Bill Signed, VP Harris' Foreign Policy Role, Marcia Fudge
March 14, 2021

Today we will be discussing the passage and execution of the most recent COVID relief bill, Vice President Harris' unexpected role in foreign policy, HUD Secretary Marcia Fudges' confirmation, and a whole lot more! Thank you for listening and keep in touc

Episode 3: COVID Relief Update, Dr. Suess, Governors Dropping Pandemic Safety Outlines
March 09, 2021

Today, we will be discussing the recent updates on the COVID relief Bill, the dropping of 6 Dr. Seuss books, and Governors dropping pandemic safety mandates.  PLEASE consider contributing through this link below! Thank you!

Episode 2: Warren Wealth Tax, New Zealand COVID Responce, Biden Border Policies
March 03, 2021

In this episode, we will be covering Sen. Elizabeth Warren's introducing of a wealth tax bill, analyzing the New Zealand COVID responce, and analyzing President Biden's meeting with the Mexican President.  PLEASE consider supporting my podcast by hit

Episode 1: Trump at CPAC, $15 Minimum Wage, and More
March 01, 2021

Welcome! Today, we discuss Trump's CPAC Speech, the 2024 race, the recent COVID relief bill, and the $15 Minimum wage! --- Support this podcast: