2050 – Life Purpose Podcast

2050 – Life Purpose Podcast

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#12: Peter Sage – Raising Consciousness
October 04, 2018

Peter Sage is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and life & business coach. He has been a multiple speaker at TedX and published a book on how to deal with adversity “The Inside Track” based on his experience in a British high security prison.

#11: How to find your Life Purpose – with Ryan Stanley
September 02, 2018

For this episode I interviewed Ryan Stanley from Episode 8 again. You will learn about life purpose, how Ryan approaches it for himself and for his clients. And you will also get an exercise that can help you to find your own life purpose.

#10: Rúna Magnús – The Change Makers
July 27, 2018

Rúna Magnús is creator and CEO of The Change Makers and founder of the #NoMoreBoxes movement. Rúna is a speaker, author and strategist from Reykjavik, Iceland.   Links: www.nomoreboxesmovement.com http://www.runamagnus.com/ https://twitter.

#9: Daniel Schmachtenberger – Building a New Civilization
June 17, 2018

Daniel Schmachtenberger is a systems thinker and thought leader. He is director of research & development and a co-founder at the neurohacker collective, where he is focused on developing processes and technologies for advancing medicine and human opti...

#8: Ryan Stanley – Patience, Presence and Change
May 31, 2018

Ryan Stanley is an author, entrepreneur and professional life coach. He is an internal coach at IPEC, a worldwide coaching company. Ryan currently lives with his wife and two sons in New Jersey. Show Notes: Ryan Stanley’s Website & Audio Blog (I called...

#7: Why You Should Find Your WHY [Inspired by Simon Sinek]
April 20, 2018

In this special short episode you will get to know the benefits of defining your personal ‘WHY’ or life purpose as well as the benefits of defining a WHY/a purpose for your company. Show Notes: Episode 2: Steven Kotler on Life Purpose (‘high hard goal’...

#6: Ikigai – Reason for Being [Tool]
April 13, 2018

In this episode you will get a quick exercise that helps you to create & find your Ikigai, your life purpose, within 15 minutes. Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikiɡai]) is a Japanese concept that means ‘a reason for being’. Don’t just listen to this,

#5: Lisa Curtis – Positive Impact Through Moringa Plants
April 06, 2018

Lisa Curtis is founder & CEO of Kuli Kuli, a Benefit Corporation that creates positive impact through the plant & superfood moringa. Lisa Curtis was chosen for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Award 2018 in the category Social Entrepreneurship and already plante...

#4: Kerri Cummings – A Mindful Future
March 30, 2018

In episode 4 Kerri Cummings shares her life purpose & vision on a mindful future. Kerri Cummings is a former management consultant who became a clinical psychologist and counselor. She opened a studio called Mindbar in Düsseldorf, Germany,

#3: Manuel Gonzalez – Human Longevity
March 23, 2018

Entrepreneur Manuel Gonzalez about his one big vision for 2050 & beyond