2050 – Life Purpose Podcast

2050 – Life Purpose Podcast

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Paul Selig – Showing Up
September 15, 2019

Paul Selig is a best-selling author and medium. I met Paul 2 weeks ago in London and interviewed him on the 2050 questions and his life purpose. See the full interview with Paul Selig on my YouTube.

Will Kleidon – Symbiotic Species
August 10, 2019

Will Kleidon is the founder of Ojai Energetics. Ojai Energetics is a cannabis-tech company. Will talks about his life purpose and drops lots of knowledge on Cannabinoids. Links Ojai Energetics (Get 16% discount with my coupon code ‘maxhug’) The Full In...

Savannah Freemyer – Finding Sovereignty
May 12, 2019

Savannah is an integrative wellness and life coach and uses a holistic approach and methods such as massage therapy, yoga, and reiki energy healing. She believes everyone has unique gifts that are meant to be shared with the world,

#19: May Lindstrom – Shipping Love
April 19, 2019

May Lindstrom, founder of May Lindstrom Skin shares her life purpose and vision for the year 2050.   Links: May Lindstrom – 2050 Episode on YouTube May Lindstrom Website

#18: Erick Godsey – Scalable Psychology
April 13, 2019

Erick Godsey studies Cognitive, Evolutionary, and Jungian Psychology. He works with Aubrey Marcus, hosts his own podcast and runs an online course on journaling. In this 2050 episode Erick shares his life purpose and vision for the year 2050.

#17: Matthew Myro – Building Bridges
April 05, 2019

Matthew Myro joins the 2050 Podcast and shares his life purpose and goals for the year 2050. Matthew Myro is a transformation and performance coach, tai chi instructor and world bridger currently educating the public on the incredible therapeutic benef...

#16: Claire Spencer – I am water
March 24, 2019

Claire Spencer is founder of I AM WATRRR which helps people to overcome limiting beliefs and install positive beliefs in themselves. In this episode she talks about her purpose and what her plans are with her water bottle company.

#15: Alex Ruiz – Infinite Artist
March 10, 2019

Alex Ruiz is a concept artist who worked for over a decade as an illustrator and digital concept artist in the hollywood film and television industry. He created art for films and series like Avatar, Family Guy, The Simpsons and others.

#14: Martin Hohn – Zurich Retreat
December 08, 2018

Martin Hohn brings over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry. Martin founded Zurich Retreat where he is working on a physical space for conscious personal and collective development. For me it totally changed my life,

#13: Chen Lizra – Somatic Intelligence
November 02, 2018

Chen Lizra is a social entrepreneur, somatic intelligence coach, best selling-author professional dancer. Links: http://somaticgift.com https://www.lizrachen.com/ Chen’s TedX Talk (8.5M Views as of October 2018)