1st and 15th – Cascaudio

1st and 15th – Cascaudio

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15: Casey’s Awful 367 IBU IPA, with @Atmosphere_Beer
October 01, 2016

The bonus content from Casey’s conversation with Atmosphere Beer, where Casey and the guys drink Casey’s awful over-hopped IPA. Also, please buy tickets to Casey’s comedy show! It’s called Last Call Comedy Showcase and it is in Tac

14: Ballast Point OG 20 Homebrew Competition Runners Up, @Atmosphere_Beer
September 19, 2016

Casey is joined by runners up of the Ballast Point 20th Anniversary Homebrew Contest, Atmosphere Beer. The home brewery is comprised of Tristan and Kyle, and they talk to Casey about the origins of their homebrewing hobby, and drink many …

13: The Copper Door
July 20, 2016

I stopped in at my local bottle shop before they opened one morning, toured their upcoming expansion, which will include a restaurant and a private room, and we recorded the podcast in that room. Guests on the podcast include Craig …

12: Colin Harvin of 21st Amendment returns to talk about leaving
April 13, 2016

Colin Harvin is one of Casey’s better friends in the beer industry, and Casey and Colin’s time in Tacoma have nearly run parallel. Colin started out as a bartender at a bar just outside of Tacoma, and eventually worked for …

11: Casey’s Wife Returns
April 08, 2016

Casey’s wife returns to talk about her continued evolution as a beer drinker, beers she has liked recently, and to give one word and audible expression reactions to the mention of beer styles, and much of what Casey has to …

10: Shane Johns of E9 Brewery
March 01, 2016

Shane Johns of E9 Brewery in Tacoma, Washington joins the podcast to talk about the Belgian influence of his beer, the brewery’s ordinary past, exciting present, and some of the beers coming in the future. http://traffic.libsyn.com/nasorb/10_Shane_

9: Jester King Brewery — Jeffrey Stuffings
February 16, 2016

Casey is joined by Jester King Brewery founder Jeffrey Stuffings. Jester King is one of the most innovative breweries in the country, both adhering to traditional Belgian brewing methods, and railing hard against conventional brewery strategies. http://t

8: Offspeed/Beergraphs mashup, ft. @enosarris and David Oshiro of @merchantduvin
January 25, 2016

Aaron Kirby (of Offspeed Podcast) and Casey recorded from an undisclosed location in Seattle, a day after the Fangraphs meetup event. Aaron didn’t do much talking because Casey forgot his mic, but all four of these guys spent part of …

1: Galactic and Universal
December 22, 2015

7: Kim Jordan and Christine Perich of New Belgium Brewing
September 02, 2015

Kim Jordan is one of the founders of New Belgium, and Christine Perich is the new CEO of New Belgium. Christina is taking over for Kim, and this is a great opportunity to hear them talk about what the change …