Andrew Rappaport's Rapp Report

Andrew Rappaport's Rapp Report

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Update and Prayer Request
July 12, 2023

Rapp Report episode 276Where is Andrew? He will provide an update and some prayer requests.This podcast is a ministry of Striving for Eternity and all our resourcesListen to other podcasts on the Christian Podcast CommunitySupport Striving for E

Dissecting Faith and Works: A Deep Dive into Salvation and James 2
July 05, 2023

Rapp Report episode 275Are good works the ticket to salvation? We crack open the theological conundrum often associated with James 2. Discover the purpose of works in salvation as we dissect the often misinterpreted words of James 2. We will navigate th

Our Popular American Evangelical Women’s Ministry: Is it failing Christian Women?
June 21, 2023

Cross-promotion episode: check out the Throughly Equipped podcast at

Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible with Bodie Hodge
June 14, 2023

Rapp Report episode 274Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bibleis a one-of-a kind Christian apologetic resource sure to captivate families, scientists, historians, and theologians! Using the Bible as the absolute authority, Bodie Hodge of Answers in Genesis,

Covenant Theology with Patrick Abendroth
June 07, 2023

Rapp Report episode 273Andrew has Patrick Abendroth on to discuss his new book "Covenant Theology". It is an educational discussion that will be helpful to understand the view.This podcast is a ministry of Striving for Eternity and all our resources

The 3 things you need to know about Dispensationalism
May 31, 2023

Rapp Report episode 272Andrew Rappaport is here to explain the core ideas of Dispensationalism. Throughout the discussion, Andrew Rappaport, with his vast experience and profound knowledge, will elucidate these concepts, making them accessible and relat

Answering Questions about Family
May 17, 2023

Rapp Report episode 271Some Q&A from the Michiana Reforming Families Conference were not answered at the conference were not answered due to time, so the speakers come on to address all the questions that were asked.This podcast is a ministry of Str

Church, Part 4 of What We Believe, Part 39
May 10, 2023

Rapp Report episode 270Discover Christ's authority's crucial role in church leadership as we welcome Pastor Nathaniel Jolly from the Truth Be Known Podcast for an insightful discussion. We'll explore who holds the ultimate authority in a church setting,

Importance of Church and Interpreting the Bible
May 03, 2023

Rapp Report episode 269Episode Summary:In this episode, we dive into various topics, starting with the role of humor in Christianity and the importance of not taking ourselves too seriously regarding theological differences. We discuss Keith Foskey's d

Important Update
April 27, 2023

This is an important update on the status of the 16:18 podcast.