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2021 In 21 Minutes- FALL OUTLOOK- Lightning Round Edition
September 09, 2021

Dean is joined by his colleagues Republican Bruce Mehlman and Democrat David Thomas as they work through all the issues on the congressional docket this Fall. From infrastructure to debt limit, gover

The Future Is Now: Autonomous Delivery with Nuro’s Matthew Lipka
August 27, 2021

Dean is joined by Matthew Lipka, Head of Policy for robotics company Nuro. Autonomous vehicles are sharing our roads today and delivering everything from pizzas to prescriptions. Dean and Matthew di

Failures’ Fallout: Predicting Policy and Politics in a Post-Pandemic World
August 20, 2021

Dean is joined today by his colleague Bruce Mehlman to discuss the firm’s new quarterly slide deck. From 9/11 to the botched pullout in Afghanistan, how do our failures sometimes shape the road ahead

July 15, 2021

Congress is back in town, and it’s Infrastructure Week FOR REAL this time. Dean is joined by his colleagues at the firm, Republican Bruce Mehlman and Democrat David Thomas, to break down both infrast

Biden Approval Not All It Seems and Whatever Happened to Populism?
July 08, 2021

Congress is in recess and there’s no better time to take a higher level look at the state of our politics and the elections ahead. To help with that that, Dean is joined by Washington Post columnist

China, Cyber, and Infrastructure: Congress Starts a Long Hot Summer - A NEW 2021 in 21 Minutes
June 07, 2021

14th & G notched a win when DC Mayor Muriel Bowser lifted the Nationals’ Park mask mandate! But Congress still has a big month ahead of it and the Senate is poised to send legislation to the House (mass hysteria!) Today, Dean and colleagues Democrat David

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Transformation of Joe Biden
May 05, 2021

Today, Dean sits down with his colleagues Democrat David Thomas and Republican Bruce Mehlman. They discuss the implications of Biden’s multi-trillion dollar spending plan, if Republicans will take back the House in 2022, the inner turmoil of the Republica

14th & G: Biden’s NEXT 100 Days, Party Civil Wars, and Woke Corporate America – A NEW 2021 in 21 Minutes
April 14, 2021

The first 100 days of the Biden administration are wrapping up, and we’re handing out grades.

American Antitrust: The Future of U.S. Competition Policy with Trinity Venture’s Patricia Nakache
April 08, 2021

The private sector gives their side on antitrust compliance. This week, Dean concludes the American Antitrust series with Patricia Nakache, General Partner at Trinity Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm.