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Interview: Brian P Cleary with his books of fun and learning
August 10, 2023

Brian P. Cleary is a gifted children's author who possesses a unique talent for blending the art of greeting cards with educational storytelling. Through his delightful works, he brings the enchanting world of learning to young readers in a captivating an

Interview: W.M. Leesman and a Journey of a Coin
August 03, 2023

On today's episode, we have a very special guest joining us, W.M. Leesman, the author of the captivating and thought-provoking book, "The Judas Legacy." With a talent for weaving intricate plots and compelling characters, Leesman has created a l

Review: I know the Plans by Jennifer Bosma, but what plans?
August 01, 2023

I know the Plans is a children's book that is designed to teach children about the bible passages. Jennifer Bosma wrote her book with a plan to help children and parents find an easier way to discuss Gods plans. The question is how and is that what she

Interview: Michael Wiley and his multifaceted characters
July 27, 2023

Joining us today on the podcast is the esteemed author of gripping mystery and thrilling suspense novels, Michael Wiley. With an uncanny ability to craft intricate plots and keep readers on the edge of their seats, Wiley has established himself as a maste

Interview: JG Gardner bringing a new world of magic to Fantasy!
July 20, 2023

J.G. Gardner, a university professor during the day and fantasy author at night, will captivate readers with imaginative storytelling about dragons, wizards, and the power of memories. With a unique magic system and compelling characters, he will transpor

Review: What Heaven Looks Like by Ari Field
July 15, 2023

Taking a journey with a child or someone needing comfort in seeing Heaven on Earth. I book with a powerful message and done in a way for kids to enjoy is a hard task to achieve. In this review of What Heaven Looks Like, you will learn the view of a five

Interview: Reed Farrel Coleman and his thrilling world of Crime
July 13, 2023

Reed Farrel Coleman is an exceptional figure in the world of crime fiction, widely regarded as a master storyteller and a true literary talent. With a career spanning several decades, Coleman has captivated readers with his gritty and compelling narrative

Interview: William R Douglas taking a swing and hits a home run with his Novel
July 06, 2023

William R. Douglas is a captivating guest author whose words possess a unique ability to transport readers to new realms of imagination. With a literary style that effortlessly combines vivid imagery and profound storytelling, Douglas weaves intricate nar

Review: Land Of Amer, a Fantasy by Nauman A. Raja
July 01, 2023

A fantasy tale that entangles south Asia and English lore that formed the Land of Amer. This review goes thought the Land of Amer by Nauman A. Raja. This is a fantasy that brings a story that mixes two cultures and an adventure for the readers to enjoy.

Interview: Charles Salzberg and his journey to crime
June 29, 2023

Charles Salzberg, our esteemed guest author, is a literary virtuoso who captivates readers with his masterful storytelling and razor-sharp prose. With a remarkable ability to craft compelling narratives across multiple genres, Salzberg's work delves deep