Living With Your Dog

Living With Your Dog

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Sentient Animal Needs
October 03, 2023

Sentient: capable of sensing or feeling : conscious of or responsive to the sensations of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, or smelling. Dogs are sentient beings and it is up to us to understand this as we provide the best quality of life for our pets. O

Risky Dog Feed
September 26, 2023

Where's the beef? Dogs have ZERO need for carbohydrates. Yet, dry dog food has less beef than and more carbs than they tell us. On this episode, we discuss the "With Rule" and the "Flavor Rule" when reading pet food labels, aflatox

Not A Dog Thing
September 19, 2023

Don't you just love to give your dog some lovin with a big ol' hug? Be careful, that kind of lovin could backfire... and quickly. It is important to be able to know what your dog is feeling, have you ever seen those "whale-eyes?" On this

Misinformation & Misjudging
September 12, 2023

The misinformation from pet food manufacturers persists! Several of their websites contain false claims and misleading information. On this episode, we discuss some of these claims and some of the truth, why your dog doesn't listen, does your pet want

Rumors About Raw
September 05, 2023

The raw food revolution is at hand. A species appropriate diet is crucial to thriving health. However, as dry dog feed is an enormous industry, there remain many rumors about feeding a raw food diet. On this episode, we discuss some of those rumors, do do

A Dynamic Field
August 29, 2023

Dog training has come a long way since the days of forced based training. Now it's all about positivity, however misinformation still persists. On this episode, we discuss hypoallergenic dogs, saving dogs from bad dog feed, tips for responding to misi

On Their Level
August 21, 2023

Would a celebrityinfluence the type of food you give your dog? On this episode, we discuss how celebrities are promoting that unhealthy, unbeneficialdry dog feed. We also discuss the epidemicof cancer in dogs, dominance and gender roles, and we answer

Microbiome Health
August 15, 2023

Eighty percent of the immune system is in the digestive tract. So, just like us, a dog's gut health determines their overall health. On this episode, we discuss the benefits of deer antler velvet, pet toy safety, probiotics and microbiome health. Send

What You Can Do
August 07, 2023

As good pet stewards, there are several things.. numerous things, we can and must do to live a happy life for us AND our animal companions. On this episode we discuss a handful of them; such as being aware of the laws and regulations regarding dry pet foo

Think Dog
July 31, 2023

Empathy goes a long way when it comes to living life comfortably. This especially comes in handy when living with your dog. They know us better than we know them and it is up to us to have some empathy and learn to think like them. On this episode we disc