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Down With Inflation … No Buying on Tuesday
September 14, 2022

I heard that inflation comes in two flavors: Pull and Push. I may have them reversed but Pull is when there are supply shortages and push is when we buy more than supply can handle. Either way, inflat

Getting Back in Shape Sucks
September 01, 2022

When I hear someone mention getting back in shape, only one picture immediately comes to mind for me. That is of some middle age fellow jogging along huffing and puffing, looking totally forlorn and c

Does Anyone Follow Through?
August 24, 2022

Over only the past three days, my gripe factor has risen to what is probably an intolerable level. I am going to have to take it out on someone. It goes like this.   Driveway Seal: Last week, I talked

Samsung Soundbar Not As Advertised
August 10, 2022

About three months ago, I got a new Samsung soundbar for my deck. My only goal was to have great music when relaxing outside. And great music I got. The sound was awesome. – Definitely nothing to grip

Grand Opening
August 08, 2022

This is the Grand Opening of Gary Gripes. That would likely make you think that this is the first episode, but you would be wrong. I was listening to a radio commercial for a new car dealer that opene

Reasons Are Not Excuses
July 31, 2022

A little complaining and a small dose of whining is fine now and then, but both whining and complaining can quickly turn into excuses for not sucking it up and taking care of business. Probably becaus

Podcasting Rabbit Holes
July 31, 2022

I find it pretty annoying when I see what someone has done but have no idea why they did it. Case in point: why is my podcast and blog now Gary Gripes and not Audio Tidbits? Probably you don’t care bu

Changing Horses Should Not Be So Tedious
July 30, 2022

I suppose you’ve heard that old advice about not changing horses in the middle of the stream. I guess it’s probably true that changing horses or jumping ship or cutting and running or however else I d