Breaking Barriers, Building a Hire Ground

Breaking Barriers, Building a Hire Ground

How Do You Track ESG?

February 07, 2023

In today’s market, financial performance is no longer the sole indicator of an organization’s success. If a company is making money but forgoes sustainability or has sweatshops, how good of a company is it? Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a critical framework for any organization to understand and track—whether a multinational corporation or a small business.


In this episode, we discuss the ESG framework, why you need to track it, and how. We explain how it helps organizations and small business owners evaluate which markets or regions to invest in. We describe the challenge of tracking ESG. We also highlight why ethical sourcing is a critical component of supplier diversity and underscore how taking small steps can substantially impact the world.


“Environmental, Social, and Governance ensure accountability and systems to manage a corporation’s impact on all things, so we can all start thinking about how we show up in the world we live in.” - Cloe Guidry-Reed


This week on Breaking Barriers:


  • The Environmental, Social, and Governance framework and its background
  •  How capital markets use ESG to evaluate organizations and determine future financial performance
  • The challenge of tracking ESG
  • Ethical sourcing as a critical component of supplier diversity
  • Why tracking ESG is important for investors
  • Navigating ESG as a small business community


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