Breaking Barriers, Building a Hire Ground

Breaking Barriers, Building a Hire Ground

A National Priority: MBE and Native American Success with Len Greenhalgh

November 08, 2022

Leonard “Len” Greenhalgh is a Professor of Management at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He has taught at Tuck since 1978 and has been a champion for minority business advocacy for longer. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Rhode Island and a Ph.D. from Cornell University. He is also the author of Minority Business Success: Refocusing on The American Dream, which delves into the contribution of minority-led businesses and how they will eventually become the majority of our workforce. Len’s interests include supply chain management, changing workforce demographics, and strategic alliances.


Len joins us today to talk about his passion for upholding minority business advocacy. He explains how racial discrimination differs in the UK and the US. He shares his opinions regarding labor laws. He discusses why purchasing agents have difficulty choosing minority-led businesses over what’s tried and tested. Len also describes examples of labor inequality and how Native Americans run businesses.


“The present is not the reflection of the past and not a prediction of the future.” - Len Greenhalgh


This week on Breaking Barriers:


●     Len’s achievements in minority business advocacy

●     Why Len is passionate about helping minorities get opportunities

●     Len’s upbringing and the culture shock he experienced when he went to the US

●     Len’s thoughts on political decisions that don’t seem to help those who need it

●     The work of a purchasing agent and the risks associated with choosing a minority-led business

●     Addressing the talent gap to replace older workers

●     Examples of industry inequalities and how we can address them

●     Why Native Americans aren’t minorities and how they run their businesses

●     Thinking forward and adjusting based on future trends from a purchasing perspective

●     Why we’ve lost our way regarding the American Dream


Connect with Leonard Greenhalgh:


●     Tuck School of Business

●     Minority Business Success: Refocusing on The American Dream


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