The Scott Whittle Show

The Scott Whittle Show

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#001 Jeanette James - Her 23-year journey to Emotional Healing
June 22, 2022

Jeanette James on healing from emotional trauma. Vietnam Veteran's daughter's 23-year healing process, controlling military family deployment expectations, Veteran's PTSD recovery, Battle Buddy Help s

Behind the Scenes 06-16-2022 – (000a)
June 17, 2022

This is another prelaunch episode of the "The Scott Whittle Show" (#SWS). So much amazing stuff has been happening. I am too excited not to share this information with you. Although we said a monthly

Introducing the Scott Whittle Show – A Gulf War era, Army veteran launching a podcast to assist veterans with interviews, military transition, and real estate news (000)
June 02, 2022

This is the prelaunch episode of the "The Scott Whittle Show" (#SWS). As a non-combat, Gulf War era veteran I believe it is my obligation to assist my brothers and sisters-in-arms. Therefore, this is