Speaking Up with Andrew Pledger

Speaking Up with Andrew Pledger

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Broke the Bread, Spilled the Tea - Mitchell Kesller - S1E22
September 26, 2022

Mitchell Kesller was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and later moved to Boston, MA. Raised Bostonian, he moved to Orlando, FL, fell in love with it, and refused to leave.Mitchell believes in a world where those of faith can find comfort in who they are and

The New Evangelicals - Tim Whitaker - S1E21
September 19, 2022

Tim Whitaker started The New Evangelicals account on social media and has gained a large following. He also hosts a podcast of the same name. The purpose of his social media presence is to help push the Evangelical church forward and re-think how it app

Courage 365 - Ashley Easter - BONUS
September 15, 2022

Ashley Easter is a cult survivor turned Intuitive Master who helps people escape self-doubt and harness their Intuition so they can take control of their destiny by becoming Intuitive AF. She is also the founder of Courage 365, a non-profit for abuse surv

Church of C*nts - Ashley Robbins - S1E20
September 12, 2022

Lola (Ashley) Robbins is an exvanglical, cult survivor. She advocates for body positivity, LGBTQIA, and destroying womens oppression (especially in the church). She began faith deconstruction in 2019 and has been pursuing a life of freedom and joy ever s

Why I Became a Cult Expert - Rachel Bernstein LMFT - BONUS
September 08, 2022

Rachel Bernstein, therapist, and world-renowned cult expert shares her story for the first time. Rachel is the host of the IndoctriNation podcast. For 30 years, she has helped former cult members and those who have loved ones in cults and highly manipul

DISCUSSION on Deconstruction - Phil Drysdale - S1E19
September 05, 2022

Phil Drysdale is a public speaker, podcaster, researcher, and guide specializing in the area of deconstruction. For the last decade, he’s helped people navigate the painful journey away from their faith tradition. He researches the deconstruction communit

The Secret Life of a Catholic Priest - Marty Nocchi - S1E18
August 29, 2022

Marty Nocchi was a Catholic priest for 15 years, Catholic his whole life. As much as he believes there was some benefit and it helped get him to this point in his life, he also believes it’s an unhealthy institution often run by immature and underdevelope

Lord, I Don't Want to Die a Christian - Chandrika Phea - S1E17
August 21, 2022

This episode I talk with author Chandrika Phea. “After living in China as a Christian missionary, hosting a two-year Bible study for seven curious Chinese freshman college students, my sense of curiosity inhaled and later exhaled when returning to the pra

Rachel Bernstein Speaks Up - PREVIEW
August 19, 2022

For the first time, Rachel Bernstein, therapist and world-renowned cult expert is sharing her story and recounts being raised in Judaism. Rachel is the host of the “IndoctriNation” podcast. For 30 years, she has helped former cult members and those who ha

Cult Awareness Month - Janja Lalich
August 17, 2022

Janja Lalich, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Sociology, is an international authority on cults and coercion. Researcher, author, and educator, she specializes in recruitment, indoctrination, and methods of influence and control. She has been studying the soc