Speaking Up with Andrew Pledger

Speaking Up with Andrew Pledger

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Apostacie - S2E4
January 30, 2023

Apostacie is a co-host for the Skeptic Haven show Secular Soapbox every Wednesday on YouTube at 5pm PST. Apostacie comes on the show to tell her story of publicly deconverting from Christianity and the aftermath.Connect with Apostacie Skeptic HavenInsta

Christianity, Atheism, and the Global Problems in the 21st Century - Jakub Ferencik - S2E3
January 23, 2023

Jakub Ferencik is Slovakian Canadian who lived in England, Barcelona, and Warsaw. For much of his life, he was a firm believer in Christianity but I left it after his time in Oxford. After that, he moved on to study political science and philosophy at UBC

Psychedelics and Religious Trauma - Andrew Jasko - S2E2
January 16, 2023

Andrew Jasko, MDiv, MA in Counseling Psychology, Founder of Life After Dogma. As a former Princeton Seminary-educated minister, Andrew had to leave his religious faith and community because of the severe psychological trauma he experienced. After spending

Church Sanctioned Abuse - Tia Levings - S2E1
January 08, 2023

Tia Levings is a writer, creator, and content specialist. Her work explores the female narrative in patriarchal spaces. She has a memoir releasing in 2024 through St. Martin's Press.Her videos on social media have millions of views. Through the

December 19, 2022

Season 2 COMING January 9, 2023.Andrew Pledger, a queer cult survivor and religion recovery coach, hosts Speaking Up w/ Andrew Pledger, a podcast that allows people to share their stories of abuse and religious trauma in various religious groups and cults

Give Me Liberty! - Dr. Wilson - S1E33 - Season Finale
December 12, 2022

Dr. Wilson has finished his interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Comparative Studies at Florida Atlantic University. His academic work has appeared in Canadian Jewish Studies, Flannery OConnor Review, and in edited collections published by The MLA, SUNY Press, and

Handing the Shame Back - Gloria Masters - BONUS
December 08, 2022

Gloria Masters is a Survivor, Author and Advocate of all things CSA and speaks from 16 years of lived experience. She has managed to turn the final corner of healing into giving back, through highlighting the issue of child sexual abuse to help other surv

Release the Women - Elizabeth Endara - S1E32
December 05, 2022

Elizabeth Endara is a writer living in Chicago with her husband and their dog and two cats. She has a Masters in International Educational Development from Columbia University and is also trained as a trauma-informed yoga teacher, full-spectrum doula, and

Religion Was My Crutch - Morgan Chantelle - S1E31
November 27, 2022

Morgan Chantelle is a mom, trauma-informed life coach, breathwork practioner in Northern California. She works with many people healing from spiritual abuse and is also an exvangelical and purity culture survivor. When not working you can usually find Mor

Hidden Homeschoolers (Gothard's ATI) - Heather Heath - S1E30
November 21, 2022

Heather Heath is the author of Lovingly Abused and she tells her story of growing up in toxic religion. She was homeschooled using Bill Gothard's ATI (Advanced Training Institute) program which doesn't provide any sort of diploma or accreditation. She w