Profit For Coaches

Profit For Coaches

Let's Be Real

August 17, 2023

156 - Let's Be Real

One of the things that coaches are taught all the time by the gurus about how to build your coaching business and set yourself up for your multimillion dollar success, is that you've gotta have authority. You gotta position yourself in a position of authority. And while you do need to position yourself in a position of credibility, and while it is very good to become a category authority, you also need to be real about it.

On today's episode we're gonna talk about being real and how that can actually help you build your business and attract the right people as clients. Enjoy the episode. 

"One of the big mistakes that we make is we try to sell ourselves as what we think the target market is looking for." — Jos Willard

This week on Profit for Coaches:

  • Jos and Profit for Coaches' origin story from financial services to business coaching.
  • The lessons learned from partnerships and the idea of coopetition in the coaching world
  • Distinguishing yourself from the typical industry mold
  • Differences between authority and credibility

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • "The question is, what do you bring outside of being a coach? What perspective do you bring that is different from everybody else that does what you do?"— Jos Willard
  • "They're looking for competence. They wanna feel confident that you are competent to bring them to their goal."— Jos Willard
  • "I didn't build a business specifically around helping other coaches to build their business, to help other coaches, to build their business."— Jos Willard