Quantum Bombs

Quantum Bombs

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Guns Gays Mexicans
July 01, 2023

Vernon visits Quantum Bombs with Matt and Russell with plenty to dive into.

FDA Approves Neurolink in Human for Elon, Debt Ceiling No Solution in Sight, AI ideology and art
June 01, 2023

Russell explains our failing battle against the debt ceiling our failing fiat against a private bank printing money into existence. RFK attends a bitcoin conference and Joe Biden still wont debate him. Whales attack boats. 6 drones visit Moscow but it wa

North Face & Target’s New Swimwear, Earth’s Population and Talent pool, Russell ponders starting a Thailand Tantric Cult
May 25, 2023

Tipping is being found in our day-to-day lives more. Will North Face and Target become the new Bud Light after their pride month clothing lines debut? Matt compares today's LGBTQ+ climate and groomers to Lord of the Flies where there are no more adults le

Bikini Babes Offended by Miller Light, Beers Culture War, Concealed Carry and Mass Shootings in America, Ukraine
May 22, 2023

As a bikini babe and beer advocate Beth takes offense to the woke commercial Moeller Light did but points out the importance we not lose focus on the Bud Light ban. Russell points out why it is so important that Bud Light ban is the first time we have sto

Project Veritas busted Pfizer, When a Women Pursues a Man, Chat Bots, Dooms Day
February 01, 2023

Project veritas has busted Pfizer. Love in dating and what happens when woman pursue a man, can she stay in her feminine? What stops most people from approaching a love interest? Chat GBT is going to take your job? AI will also create a foot fetish websit

World Economic Forum's Cyber Attack, Forever Chemicals, Junk Food, Andrew Tate
January 20, 2023

The gangs back together discussing the World Economic Forum ploy to create a cyber attack if the forever chemicals and junk food doesnt kill us first. Russell take on Andrew Tates jailing in Romania for human trafficking.

Mormons - Spirituality - Christians - All the same, Lady Boys in Thailand, Flying Dirigibles in Wartime, The Case for Crypto Podcasting on Fountain
August 01, 2022

With no intention to, we fall back in love with dirigibles and their impracticality in war. Then Trump's two gender platform lands us on theorizing about the Lady Boys in Thailand. We finally get to the meat of the show to better understand Rex's faith as

Volcanoes More Dangerous Than a Comet or AI, Nuclear Energy Will Save Us, Rex is back & A Mormon
July 27, 2022

Rex returns from his cross country road trip bearing gifts and no proof he did not blow up the Georgia stones. He spoke with a buddy that is super high up in the military and discloses 3 important things. 1) AI is not to be worried about. 2) Comets / Mete

Pregnant Men, Forgiveness The Superpower, Dating Down or Marrying Up, Uvalde Cops Hang Out
July 18, 2022

Rex is fired.We can't help but comment on the videos from inside the elementary school in Uvalde where ten or so cops just stood in the hallway listening to gun fire and did not respond, in fact one took the time to put on hand sanitizer. We discuss fiat