Quantum Bombs

Quantum Bombs

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Mormons - Spirituality - Christians - All the same, Lady Boys in Thailand, Flying Dirigibles in Wartime, The Case for Crypto Podcasting on Fountain
August 01, 2022

With no intention to, we fall back in love with dirigibles and their impracticality in war. Then Trump's two gender platform lands us on theorizing about the Lady Boys in Thailand. We finally get to the meat of the show to better understand Rex's faith as

Volcanoes More Dangerous Than a Comet or AI, Nuclear Energy Will Save Us, Rex is back & A Mormon
July 27, 2022

Rex returns from his cross country road trip bearing gifts and no proof he did not blow up the Georgia stones. He spoke with a buddy that is super high up in the military and discloses 3 important things. 1) AI is not to be worried about. 2) Comets / Mete

Pregnant Men, Forgiveness The Superpower, Dating Down or Marrying Up, Uvalde Cops Hang Out
July 18, 2022

Rex is fired.We can't help but comment on the videos from inside the elementary school in Uvalde where ten or so cops just stood in the hallway listening to gun fire and did not respond, in fact one took the time to put on hand sanitizer. We discuss fiat

AI Kills Humans? Or a World of Abundance. What Started the Wars on This Continent?
June 11, 2022

Will Super intelligence AI take over the world? But before that what happens to our world when narrow AI takes over those pesky 9-5 jobs of ours. But that maybe ok because our modern work life is a scam. Did gun confiscation trigger our major wars on thi

Culture Rot, Tribal Polarity & Losing the Republic Where the Tipping Point, What is Derping, Creating a Safe Space for Boy Scouts
May 21, 2022

A saucy episode of broad thinking across topics of baby food shortage to population shrinking and what mindset you need to survive. We take a look at culture rot and just how good we have it despite so many thinking we don't. Are we at a tipping point wit

Ministry of Truth, Collapse of Fiat Currency & What Bitcoin Is, Russia n Ukraine & Chernobyl
May 08, 2022

We explore which one is more dangerous hurt feelings or censorship and how does Biden's Ministry of truth dept gets us to George Orwell's 1984 dystopia, and with Elon Musk buying Twitter will he be mysteriously offed like Epstein? Maybe decentralization o

Aliens to the Rescue, Our Military Isn't Constitutional, Nuclear War and Ukraine
April 26, 2022

We discuss the doc "Close Encounters of the 5th Kind." It's not your everyday UFO doc, this one explores meditation groups whom summon aliens and communicate with them - we discuss our governments narrative towards aliens. If aliens are not enough to warr