Love Yourself First

Love Yourself First

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Special Episode - Thank You
June 17, 2022

Thank you very much listeners. It's been a great feeling podcasting for you all. Would be taking a small break from here and hope to be back with you all soon.Do not forget to write us a few lines of review and rating for this PODCAST or the episodes you

E48 - Cleansing naturally for a healthier self.
June 10, 2022

Cleansing in simple words is deep cleaning and purifying our body, minds and soul. With this episode I would throw some light on how cleansing our mind and body from within naturally ,can be imperative for a healthier life. I hope this show does bring som

E47 - Choose being at peace with Self
June 03, 2022

We do come across people, situations and instances in our daily lives which are next to impossible to deal with. People who lower your self esteem or simply bring a feel of disgust. However angry and annoyed we may feel at such instances the real comfort

E46 - Believe in Yourself
May 27, 2022

When you mind is filled with fears , doubts or insecurities , Even the best of skills , training and tools may fail in helping you change your life. The magic happens by simply believing its possible ! In this episode, I speak on why believing in yoursel

E45 - Having a Closure
May 20, 2022

Incomplete tasks somehow leave us with a mental burden and pressure and the best feel is when we are able to complete them.Be it a task, a relationship or a situation avoid leaving it incomplete.These would keep lingering in our minds and may affect our

E44 - Balancing your Self Esteem
May 13, 2022

Self esteem has significant effects on all facets of our lives, like our work,  our health or relationships. Its important to learn the factors that may affect our self esteem and corrective measures to balance it well. In this episode I speak about

E43 - It's Summer Time ! Embrace Your Body !
May 06, 2022

While summer is the season of fun in the sun, it is the time we need to be more kind to our body with some positive affirmations and keep ourselves tuned with some motivating quotes , inspirational books and good podcasts. Todays episode highlights few si

E42 - Staying Hydrated
April 29, 2022

While its essential to keep a track of our daily liquid intake round the year, during summers its a bit more essential to  keep drinking ample and adequate proportions of liquids to keep our body hydrated. With todays episode I would be sharing a few

E41 - Managing Your Screen Time
April 22, 2022

An excess of screen time, steals a larger portion of the time which we need to spend for self or with family and friends thus affecting our own health as well as profession lives. In this episode I share some interesting  facts and tweaks on managing

E40 - Intermittent Fasting
April 15, 2022

Intermittent fasting is a systematic way of eating where we switch between fasting and eating as per a regular schedule. Whilst almost all diets focus on WHAT to eat, Intermittent Fasting concentrates more on WHEN to eat. In this episode I share my experi