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I’m moving to new channels
April 14, 2023'm moving to new channels with my personal brand name!I've decided to publish my personal brand contents featuring me to my personal brand social media channels, named Allen Young, instead of publishing to

What’s next in human evolution? (AI, robotics, biotech, nuclear-fusion tech, transhumanism)
April 01, 2023 consider biotech, artificial intelligence, and fundamental human behaviors change due to biotech.I think its correct to conclude that nothing stays foreverbecause that is how it always has been. In all

Thinking about the human intelligence distribution, and genetically engineering human intelligence
March 31, 2023 people are dumb, some people are super intelligent; is there any merit in genetically engineering every human being to be super intelligent? When I ask myself that question, my answer is, hell yeah.We

America’s economic growth won’t stop: next is AI, robotics, human life biotech, nuclear-fusion tech
March 30, 2023 wholeheartedly believe that the Americans will produce and consume more, on Earth and in outer space, via the advances in AI, robotics, biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech. Especially, the Ameri

Technological advancement is inevitable
March 29, 2023 recurring theme in humanity is the technological progress opposition.Radical technological advances happened in the Western civilization over the past 200 years or so, and the Western technological adva

I’m a big believer in transhumanism–artificial intelligence, robotics, biotech, nuclear-fusion tech
March 28, 2023'm a big believer in transhumanismartificial intelligence, robotics, human longevity biotech, nuclear-fusion outer space tech.I think transhumanism is the most exciting thing in the 21st century. Otherwi

Humans living for 150 years and more (human longevity biotech, transhumanism)
March 27, 2023 look at where humanity and technology have been going, and I cannot help but conclude that individual human beings living 150 years and more in the future via human longevity biotech is an inevitability, particul

Time to transhumanize is now! (AI, robotics, biotech, nuclear-fusion outer space tech)
March 26, 2023 is time to advance AI, robotics, biotech, and nuclear-fusion powered outer space tech.The technological advances so far have enabled the fertile ground for advancing AI, robotics, biotech, and nuclear-

How robotized American economy will look on Earth and in outer space
March 25, 2023 intelligence and robots will be used everywhere in America, on Earth and in outer space. That is the vision I pursue.Humans love using tools that enable humans to produce more and better.My

AI, robotics, biotech, nuclear-fusion tech are needed for humanity’s future!
March 24, 2023's future doesn't look bright, because Earth has become so small for humanity, as of right now in AD 2023.Vital resources on Earth are running out; Earth certainly doesn't have enough resources for