Anturia Diaries: Prequel Stories

Anturia Diaries: Prequel Stories

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Season 1: Episode 14 – ‘Til Du’Roi Do Us Part
October 29, 2022

In Season 1, Episode 14, we return to Kylahs narrative of the happenings to her in the Plains of DuRoi in the community of Alltud. She chooses her opponent in the fight to the death to become a par

Season 1: Episode 13 – The Council of the Wise
October 15, 2022

In Season 1, Episode 13, Bryn continues to tell the story of how a new council is formed, though it is much smaller than before. It also appears to be set up in a more fair and just way to avoid som

Season 1: Episode 12 – A Tale of Two Continents
July 16, 2022

In Season 1, Episode 12, Bryn Tal and Dahlfia have returned to Teithia to try to figure out how to heal their continent from the news and information pouring into them. They are interrupted by a mass

Season 1: Episode 11 – A Friend to All
June 11, 2022

In Season 1, Episode 11, Bryn Tal returns to introduce us to Jeston Bevan. Jeston, a likable Anturian, wishes to stop the Porta Segreta from malfunctioning so humans stop randomly populating the plane

Season 1: Episode 10 – The Mysteries of Du’Roi
May 28, 2022

In Season 1, Episode 10 we hear again from the perspective of Kylah Marie who was banished to the Plains of DuRoi. We learn the secrets of this mysterious community and the Anturians who live there

Season 1: Episode 9 – Coming Home to Darkness
May 14, 2022

In this episode, we hear from Bryn Tal as the Civil War comes to a close in the streets of Teithia. The Anturians we have followed in the story so far come face to face with their very first humans,

Season 1: Episode 8 – Cloudy to Clear
April 30, 2022

In this episode, we hear from Dahlfia for the first time as she tells us of her origins and moves us to the start of a major battle in the streets of Teitha in the Civil War. This episode is rated as

Season 1: Episode 7 – Plain Kylah
April 16, 2022

In this episode, we hear from Kylah Marie for the first time as she describes her exile from Cheel de Velglan out to the desert Plains of DuRoi. This episode contains strong language and violence,

Season 1: Episode 6 – Betrayals in the Darkness
April 02, 2022

In this episode, Bryn Tal recalls the treachery that the rebels had long put in place before anyone else knew it. There is a deeper look into the mysterious community of Cheel de Velglan. Finally,

Season 1: Episode 5 – The City of Darkness
March 19, 2022

In this episode, we hear again from Bryn Tal who has just fled the community of Teithia with the remaining Council of Elders headed for the Croenddu community of Cheel de Velglan. This episode has